Friday, January 04, 2008

Muslims Back Livingstone,,2234453,00.html

Boris fans do report immediately to his Grace`s abode wherein he deals magisterially with the jumped up and self styled “Community Leaders” in question. Archbishop Cramner is on the blog roll but I am sure his fame precedes him. I cannot add anything to his fine words ...


tory boys never grow up said...

Muslim leaders can of course back whoever they want - but I tend to be with Alastair Campbell on this in saying that "we don't do God".

Philipa said...

tory boys - I can't believe you've made me agree with Alastair Campbell. I need a nap.

Ed said...

I've always wondered who my "community leader" is. I don't vote for one, so how are they chosen?

Hold on, what community am I a part of?

Is it the Union of Shortarses, the Community of Lefthanders or the Church of the Old Fogey?

Newmania said...

tory boys - I can't believe you've made me agree with Alastair Campbell. I need a nap.

Now there is an odd Ménage à trois .

Ed you have complex inheritance and i think your work bears the mark of all these influences

Ed said...

But am I supposed to identify with my racial group, my religious up-bringing or my socio-economic class? It's really confusing here in Livingstoneland.

Philipa said...

Ed - N would have you listening to your primal urges!

Me too; I'm hungry, need food.

And it might soon be Borisville!

Anonymous said...

Professor Voas who conducted the research sees this position as a staging post on the way to full secularism . I do not ….I cannot exactly tell you why but I feel a wind blowing in a new direction . I see an increased interest in our own history and the Christian part of it . (newmania)

I think you're right, n. Part of the force propelling that whirlwind is of course the backlash against the fragmentation of our culture and heritage which is occurring under the pressure of rapid mass migration and multiculturalism.

Faced with the relativistic hegemony dictated by the EU and nulab, one buttressed by a plethora of non-Christian religions or none, the English are experiencing a revival in our support for the institutional certainty of English Christianity.

However, there does also seem to me to be more than a backlash or fashion fad underlying this resurgence of faith/religion. As well as recoiling from relativism and the numerous crises it has inflicted on us - which together amount to the breakdown of our society, We English seem to me to be doing what all people everywhere and everywhen do at such times of crisis - looking back to a golden age of peace, happiness and order. Whether that Golden Age actually ever existed or not is irrelevant, I think the English need a Golden Age revival and we are going to have one and nulab are going to suffer mightily for that. Christianity is a central part of the collective consciousness we have of that golden age.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Thats a great comment Flo and I am going to out it on the right thread

Anonymous said...


Any comment on Lionheart?

I've had a look at his blog and I haven't seen anything I could call 'Inciting Relgious hatred'.

Apparently he's going to be arrested for blogging.

Anonymous said...

I've had only a quick glance at Lionheart's site and it seemed to me a bit obsessive. What do others think?

I understand that Harlow solicitor, Tony Bennett, one of the 'metric martyrs' who recently represented the father of Stuart Lubbock - the young man who died under mysterious circumstances in Barrymore's swimming pool - has volunteered to represent Lionheart.

Tony, who was a good friend of mine for many years, has a long record of brilliant work representing those persecuted by the powers that be. I had huge respect for him.

However, his views have become so extreme Christian fundamentalist in recent years that I barely recognise the TB I know.

I am deeply saddened to see TB at the centre of the current trial by internet of Kate and Jerry McCann, parents of missing Madeleine. This is effectively a medieval trial by ordeal, a witch hunt, of the McCanns which I believe could prejudice their chance of a fair trial.

TB was, in my view, quite wrong to attempt to pre-empt the police investigation of Madeleine's disappearance with his recent attempt to bring a private prosecution against the McCanns. He should have waited for the outcome of the investigation.

I'm also appalled by, what seem to me, some unbelievably crass and irrational postings TB has made about the McCanns. Far too many of his claims rely on regurgitated and unreliable tabloid or TV reports.

Anonymous said...

The anon posting at 1.33 PM is by:

Auntie Flo'

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