Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Local MP Is Still National

Our aging crusty MP is a character about whom I am slightly conflicted. He has done some tremendous work exposing the way New Labour burn our money , on the other hand , he has all the silliness of the usual Liberal in an especially virulent form. The local Paper operate a sort of fanzine for him and I suspect there is a strong personal relationship. Anyway some members of UKIP claimed that a controversial incinerator was down to the Euro -fiends .He replied that the EU only made requirement about moving from landfill . I was struck by the fact that in a year of the issue being kicked around, only UKIP brought up the fact it was not a free descision at all. I did not , therefore , feel his conceited description of them as ‘unhinged’ should go unanswered. So this is my latest effort to get into the Express …thus far they have have been immune to my charms …bastards

'I am not a member of the UK Independence Party but I found myself underlining Norman Baker’s description of them as ”unhinged “ and writing the word “irony”. Whilst he may have all sorts of interesting ideas about what the EU`s stipulations require from us on waste, it will be news to many that we live in a world where unelected foreign bureaucrats have any say in our choices at all. It will puzzle yet more that an MP so conspicuously concerned with transparency graft and local decision making should be a member of Party devoted to completing a corrupt internationalist project to eradicate independent states ,and accountability .
These contradictions are all too typical of Mr. Baker, whose much mocked parallel career in investigative journalism has earned him the name Lewes`s Miss Marple . As a member if the left wing Beveridge group he is a supporter of high tax policies. He nonetheless skips around unearthing the arrogant disregard for the taxpayers money inevitable in the dinosaur scale big state he recommends .He is not alone in having concerns about our grandiose commitments abroad but to confuse our friendship with the US with handing over our right decide upon our foreign policy at all, as the EU would like , is ..what was the word ..“unhinged” .
There is no doubt a place for such ”radicalism” as there is anti hunt campaigning and the bizarre conspiracy theories which have upset poor Professor Kelly`s relatives .Personally I would say it was a either a sixth form debating society of the late 70s or a pub.
Lewes is not , as he would like to pretend , an unimportant place with no need to concern itself with the in-coherence of his position. It is a swing seat and therefore in the front line in the battle to remove the tired authoritarian Scottish raj of Gordon Brown . We are heading towards a general election where two views of our future are before us .It is far from clear to me that a vote for our charmingly eccentric incumbent is not a vote wasted or worse still a vote for the status quo. Quite why anyone calling themselves Liberal would want to do that is another contradiction Lewesians might like to ponder. '

...but then UKIP votes have exactly the same effect.


Ed said...

UKIP votes have the effect of preventing the return of a Tory MP, but LibDem MPs will increase the chance of another Labour government. Subtle but important difference :-)

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

That lot are in danger of being returned he way the Tories are handling it. Cameron was a major error in any serious attempt at taking power.

Newmania said...

Ed I agree with that , I disagree with that , Cameron was the right choice in my view because he appealls to the swing voters in thr swing seats . That was what stopped Brown going early and gave us a chance . How about a bit of help !

hatfield girl said...

'many new residents had no interest in integrating with the real fabric of Lewes and saw the place as a picturesque backdrop for their lives with local people as performing rustics'

Thus speaks a local artist appalled by the gentrification of Lewes who regards you all as failed Hampstead and Fulham denizens intent on living out your dream in his town. What your dream might be, or what his real Lewes is are not spelled out, but he is given acres of space in the Express.

Looks like a long haul to get your feet under the table N., no wonder the local MP is conflicting you - he's not national at all, (though you're right he has a national role), he's reflecting all and every local interest, except the incomers of course, you're all bad.

Newmania said...

Excellent HG and I was just sitting down to fashion a suitable response about the importance of community and who exactly valued it the most

You are sharp, that has been much discussed

Daisy said...

newmania...just wanted you to know i am not ignoring your posts...i just have this stupid flu and can't grasp the whole thought around what you are saying...i can barely make myself a cup of tea...just didn't want you to think i wasn't visiting...i just can't contribute right now

Newmania said...

Daisy...I really don`t think like that people come an go over time. Its only a blog , we all have lives to live .

Nice to see you though

Mark Wadsworth said...

Waste incinerators are a good thing. They save landfill and generate cheap electricity. Hurray! (this said as a Ukipper)

Newmania said...

I agree Mark

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