Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Dirty Paddick

What is it with Liberals, the cannot see a belt without hitting below it can they . The friendly “Conversation “ of the leadership election quickly turned into a bitchy playground slanging match thinly disguised as a civilised discussion, and all the more excruciating for it . Like spraying deodorant on the cat litter instead of changing it .
Now listen to the painful snippiness of mayoral no hoper Brian Paddick on Boris Johnson. I assume he is trying to catch onto the blond ones trousers to get noticed at all but what a peevish snide gimp he shows himself to be. He calls Boris a “Clown” and claims he is being herded about in silence by Tory minders . His appeal says 'dirty Paddock " is based on making jokes about others "....yawn,. "We need a serious ambassador for London to be our Mayor - not a clown“. Paddock went on , suggesting implausibly that Boris ` current estrangement from his good friend as Monsieur Vin et Madame Bier was due to his being unable to control himself after a glass or two. I love the pusillanimous reference to the Compass smear ;”There have been accusations about him being a racist and a sexist…“Well Brian are you making such allegations ? No ? Thought not , stop lying then you weasel.
People like Paddock don’t get it do they. He who pontificates is not he who is serious and a proper apprehension of the world seeks a balance through humour and proportion ,not self aggrandising portentous drivel. We have had one of those and the English will , I hope, never abandon their instinctive mistrust of the canting bore. Boris played it with a straight bat “ People want to hear from candidates what they are going to do about policing , transport , housing and the Olympics . They don’t want to hear bitching …”Quite , its an embarrassment that he should have to say so.
With one candidate a 1970s hard left gangster taking London back to the Liverpool of the 80s with his pack of bullying Municipal swill suckers . One candidate a sulking child Boris could be made of wood and still be the best option for London. As it is he has a lot to offer both in promoting the City abroad and in standing up to the overmighty state for this energetic theatrical and trading City.

Boris Johnson is London in all its glorious imperfect perfection . Paddock is a craven Hyena to frightened to approach the Leonine beast except by cowardly yips from a safe distance .


Your knicked Paddick you slag said...

I posted a comment in the Times on their article on this highlighting Paddick's smear.

Funny, they haven't published that one.

He's shown himself for the prat that he is, a friend to Ken and all his spliff growing mates.

You wouldn't expect a cop to arrest those breaking the law would you, well only those that can afford the 'fines'.

Little Black Sambo said...

We can be glad that Boris is "up against" such losers, as they will prove to be. A happy and prosperous 2008 to him, and to you, Newman, for the searchlight you shine on the motives of your fellow men.

Trubes said...

Newms: Totally in accord with all you say Paddick and the "Slimy Weasel" Livinstone are not fit to lick Boris`s boots let alone stand against him, for such a vital role as Mayor of London, vile pair of cretins !
You mention Liverpool in the 80`s and believe me, when I say, that Liverpool is much recovered from the decline it suffered then.
On Sky Channel 167 today, there is a trailer covering Liverpool European of Culture 2008 which worth looking at !

All Good Wishes to you "Newms" and your family for a Peaceful, Prosperous, Happy New Year.
A Culture Vulture from Liverpool
2008 !

Di. xx

P.S. You may have noticed that i have changed my pseudonym and Blog site from True Blue,(by popular request), to Trubes.

Newmania said...

Suits you Trubes , all the best to you

steve said...

bloody hell, mania - whatever i said i couldn't make you angry or able to persuade you, could i ?!!

you must be a saint, mania !! i think i have fallen for you... er, er, er... i mean your way of thinking, ...

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with, n, except regarding Liverpool, which I love. Trubes is right, Liverpool is a wonderful city brimming with culture - not least because it's the Beatles' birthplace.

My Liverpool sister-in-law gave me a guided Beatles tour years ago and it was such a joy. We visited the Beatles museum in the docks, Stawberry Fields, the Cavern and the Grapes pub which banned the Beatles, saw the Eleanor Rigby statue and I cried as I placed a wreath among the hoards of flowers and tinsel on the Beatles' statue. We took in more bars with more great, live music than I could recall too much about afterwards.

I only really remember Rosie O'Grady's,a cellar packed with hundreds of Liverpudlians dancing energetically to a traditional Irish band. And perhaps the John Lennon bar where they played only...guess what? And...Macey's?...unsure of the name because I'd lost it by the time we arrived there, though I do recall a lovely Victorian pub which sparkled like a jewel with antique mirrors and engraved glass.

What sights was I too pie eyed to recall, Trube?

Auntie Flo'

Mrs Smallprint said...

I've never even heard of Paddick, just shows how much impression he's made on the wider population. However I do like Boris, his telegraph articles are always worth a read and his enthusiasm for life makes a change from most of our politicians. I loathe Ken Livingstone, I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him (which I guarantee wouldn't be very far.

Happy new year, stay calm, lib dems really aren't worth so much blog time!

Roger Evans said...

It's worth remembering that Livingstone said he didn't know why Paddick was standing 'as we agree on virtually everything'. The only disagreement was about the future of Sir Iain Blair, with Paddick thinking he should go and Livingstone defending the controversial Commissioner.

Newmania said...

I think he should go myself. I dread to think what sort of person agree with Ken Livingstone on everything

Newmania said...

I did think your remarks were a bit obsessive Steve but that doesnt mean I do not want immigration properly controlled. I most definitely do.

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