Monday, December 24, 2007

That Could Feed An Entire African Village ....

On the subject of yuletide excess I enjoyed Peaches Geldof reporting , in the Sun that if she’s leave so much as a brussel-sprout on her plate her father shouts “ Peaches remember the fucking Africans “ . She further illuminates the hidden life of the celeb brat , with her description of Christmas at her Grandpa’s
“ Dad will be there drunk on wine , spewing on about the past and singing a coupe, of old Boom town Rats numbers ,. I `ll be quietly crying in the corner...”

I `m quite coming round to her


David Davis said...

l always thought that the gelding (sorry the Geldof) was an incompetent self-regarding prat. An overgrown pop star, with designs on the world.

Perhaps his daughter is better than him. We shall see. At least she can hold down a journalist column for a bit, or did. And she's prettier than he is too.

Newmania said...

I loathe him Sting Bono ( Onob )and all their infernal host DD

Ms Smack said...

ha, great quote. Merry Christmas, Newman :)

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