Saturday, December 08, 2007

Being The Change

Still trying to get into then local paper sadly this is too long …,happily I can be as boring as I like here

As a committed Conservative , Councillor Susan Murray (See letter 7.12.07) is of a type I used to back away from with a raised crucifix. Not any more ,in an effort our beloved leader would appreciate, I am trying to “Be The Change“ ,and determined to seek areas of agreement.

She wanted to hijack Remembrance Day to express the startling insight that no nuclear weapons would be safer .I agree; with the addition of three little words ;“In”, “Iran”, and ,“ever“. That only ‘some’ of the Councillors though the gesture outside the scope of a provincial district Council has left my eyebrows in a permanent gothic arch. Only some? Still it’s a good start.

Admittedly her letter on Post Office closures piles error upon error like a glutinous trifle.“ Neo Liberalism “ cannot be said to be responsible the destruction of public services as she claims as we have not had any. If public spending were now at 1997 levels income tax could be abolished, state governed expenditure has risen from 38% to 45% and the public sector is now more bloated than Germany’s . Naturally the gentlest puff of global chilly wind has us stocking up on tinned foods and gold but just imagine what the Green Party would have done to us. Think medieval period. I appreciate it was warmer then, but it was more the dentistry and leeches I had in mind .

Ms Murray’s charming generosity with other people's money is not altogether to my taste either so this isn’t going very well, sorry Dave. She wants a to give 6,000,000 Public sector workers job security not enjoyed by the over taxed private sector employees who pay for them and their pensions ?These are presumably not, “ordinary people “,a class she boldly speak for en masse. Then we come to her brilliant plot to force people to pay benefits into post offices by which quixotic route she arrives at what is in effect a subsidy. Well Councillor, we either chuck the money in or not but lets not pretend we can un-invent the internet re-monopolise services or maintain luddite practices, much as you might like us to be returned to the wood fire and bodkin. These are the real reasons for the £260 million down the plug`ole (2005)and worse since .

Fortunately for “Being the change",in the matter of Post Office closures we are one.Of course they should be subsidised .If it costs £250 million, so what! In the context of torturous New Labour waste and squander that’s a light tickle. The pointless development agencies have a budget of £2.3 billion. We are spending £5 billion and rising on a detested ID card scheme,£30 billion goes straight to Scotland,£60 billion to the EU we are £30 billion in debt with another £30 billion hidden under the carpet in PFI contracts. Absolutely we should subsidise these vital engines of precious communities. The money involved would hardly cover a Northern Rock Bonus .

It gets better . I also agree with her that, as usual, the EU ,which quietly makes 70% of our laws, has taken away our right to make any decision on then matter at all so we are wasting our time talking about it.I presume she agrees with me that this disgraceful position which is about to get much much worse should have us asking why our politicians are so determined to do to us what Phillip of Spain Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolph Hitler could not.

All in all then a spirit of delightful accord has broken out. I agree that we should treat the environment responsibly and to cap it all I am a great admirer of their Party’s leader. Or at least I might be if they are ever got serious enough to choose one


Lewes Conservative .


Lewes Consevative

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