Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Baker Keeps The Cash

Norman Baker , our local MP loves attention . He seems to have no work to do and unlike others paid to do a job ,has plenty of time to write books . He announced a decision to step down from the shadow cabinet ( In the chortlesomely grandiose nomeclature the Lib Dens use), to ‘establish the truth behind the death of Dr David Kelly‘. . His theory was that the Iraqi civil service were over here in collusion with ours to bump off the troubled boffin. This is the risible stuff of fiction and not any fiction but a specific genre of conspiracy speculations marketed as fact but really ‘factional’ pot boilers. As it`s publicists mention “ A sure fire hit “. Fancy….
The Strange Death of David Kelly came out this month .Family members of David Kelly have expressed their displeasure at the publication. The husband of Kelly's sister Sarah said "It is just raking over old bones ... I can't speak for the whole family, but I've read it all [Baker's theories], every word, and I don't believe it." So why would Norman Baker waste his time on a loon theory which was torn to pieces on Andrew Marr , when the Kelly family find upsetting it and silly . Richard Norton Taylor said ….
“There is no evidence supporting the many theories that Kelly was murdered and plenty of evidence supporting the conclusion that he was driven to suicide. .”
Recently Baker claimed that evidence showing David Kelly's death was not a suicide had been wiped from his hard drive,. Yeah right , funny how this wasn’t mentioned until his stupid book began to make him a laughing stock So once again what is it that drove him to chase a wild goose so assiduously
Could it be the £50,000 he was paid and the additional amounts for the Mail’s serialisation netting god knows what.? Well what do you think ? No sign of giving it to charity I see , despite his noble intentions and sizeable salary, not a penny for our soldiers for example about whom he was supposedly concerned
I have no special objection to a hack cashing in on a hot topic but when he requires such perfection from others it leaves a bad taste . I do object to his being paid as an MP when he clearly spent a year writing this nonsense and I cannot stand the portentous airs he gives himself when he is no more than a self publicising egomaniac on the make .
It is possible to get obsessed with your own importance create a fantasy world and get terribly depressed when you are found out . I hope he does not get as depressed as David Kelly but were he to feel unable to continue as an MP I could bear it with fortitude


Daisy said...

newmania...very well written...i don't know that i could be as eloquent with words to describe this ghool...i am so sick of hearing of people hurting the families of the dead by bringing up crap like this...hope he enjoys the blood money and the pain he continues to cause this family...as with everything it will come back to him...

Newmania said...

Hope so Daisy

Anonymous said...

DIY instructions on how to win a Lib Dem seat.

1. Study the superb role model of Philip Hollobone, the Tory MP for Kettering and former soldier in the Territorial Army and copy every last thing he does.

2. Aim to beat his unblemished record as our Best Value and hardest working MP.

Treat every penny of public money and every last ounce of trust placed in you by your constituents as though it was your last penny.

Hollobone's frugality and his diligence as an MP are as shining example of the way our MPs should behave. He refuses taxpayer-funded perks and jaunts, refuses to abuse travel and housing expenses, refuses to sully himself with property deals or lucrative consultancies, or with bogus allowances and bloated staffing structures.   

Last year's MP's snout in the trough expenses show that Hollobone claimed by far the lowest sum in expenses of any MP in Parliament, just £44,551. 

3. Like Hollobone, get out onto the streets into the community and work with, and fight your socks off for, your constituents to be.

4. Add to that, a little of the fighting spirit and publicity falir of Jeremy Hunt, hold all night vigils outside Parliament with your constituents to be for any reason whatsoever.

4. And if you're not prepared to do that, p*ss off.

Philip Hollobone is going to be a rising star in the Conservative party - just like that other workhorse, street fighting and constituent loving MP, Jeremy Hunt

Do you remember when I predicted some months ago, n. that Hunt would rise to the top of the MP's popularity tables, everyone said -'who's Jeremy Hunt?' Well, he's just come 29th in Iain Dale's great 100 list - and is still rising.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

I've resisted placing Harlow's Robert Halfon on my shining role model list.

Harlow's had a Minister as MP for too long and we're sick of playing second fiddle to our MP's career. Yet I know that Rob will be a Minister and probably PM after Boris, he's too damn talented, hard working and charismatic not to.

It was Rob's honesty, charm and guts which began the process that transformed this life long Liberal into a Conservative supporter, n. Though it was Cameron who gave me the final tug that made me a party member. How? By restoring my faith in politicians - correction, in a small, select band of politicians.

On Saturday I sat spellbound on the edge of my seat in St Paul's church, Harlow, where Rob Halfon had managed to charm the stunning London International Orchestra and stars like the superb tenor Rhys Merion to perform free of charge in aid of Harlow's centre for homeless people.

Despite his daily, awe inspiring, struggle to walk on unco-operative legs, and the constant pain they give him, Rob Halfon works his heart out for that centre and for Harlow's homeless people and his other constituents to be.

Every week and every election, Rob's on his feet and out tirelessly campaigning and working for the people of Harlow. I don't know how he manages it, but he does. He's living proof of the power of the human spirit, shows up politicians with functioning legs and is an inspiration to everyone who meets him.

There's a Churchillian quality to Rob Halfon that we are going to need if our country is to be saved from the devastation that nulab have wreaked in it.

Auntie Flo'

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