Wednesday, November 07, 2007

“ Letting Down Future Generations “

Sussex Countryside under attack
Hazel Blears claims that fears for the desecration of the countryside by rapacious developers to house cheap foreign Labour, are over stated .“ Only 10% of Britain is urban” she squeaks in her irritating 'Orville' way.Given the character of vast swathes of the country, and the disproportionate crowding in the South East, that hardly tells the story, but in any case 10% is a lot .
Brown`s re-announcement of measures to squeeze another 3 million houses onto irreplaceable green belt land will appear to be helping the young to afford homes . It will not as long as demand is inflated by inward migration.Actually the indigenous people of this country are replacing themselves at about 1.3 . The main reason for this implosion is two incomes being required to afford the mortgage . Children are delayed . There are now more first time mothers between 30 and 34 than between 25 and 29, with insufficient obstetricians and gynaecologists for the ensuing complications. Obstetric haemorrhage is a new plague and while this is partly a valid choice for women it is also one forced on them by delayed adulthood. Clearly without the continued influx of large family immigrants this problem would soon have corrected itself
Labour`s response is feeble .They will not have an overall annual limit because they know they will miss it and they are terrified of the truth becoming publicly available .
Many people who have thought those raising alarms on immigration were somehow ‘nasty’ but they will not feel the same way when the green land in their back yard is turned over to poorly planned 21st century slums . Of the 3,000,000 new homes the need for which is created by past immigration 1,000,000 will be inhabited by newbies yet to arrive . We are in an insane vicious carousel creating a real environmental disaster as well as a cultural fracturing we will not recover from
The National Trust, with more members than all the Parties put together is planning to use its money to try to stave off the government by buying up lannd . The charities commission will be used against it as it will ,perforce, be adopting a political stance . Local people everywhere , many of whom have assume they were Liberals, will be aghast at the plans to bulldoze their county and their Community into history . The National trust reflects the real wishes of the people better than the Labour Party
The proposed Home and Communities agency is designed to assist the process whereby planning decision are taken centrally and local objections can be overridden. Even building organisation warn that past slum creating mistakes are likely to be repeated with no infra-structure to support these living machines. The knock on problems for carbon emissions, and any sort of environmental policy are obvious . Population is always the Elephant in the tea room for environmentalists deflating , as it does , their sense of their own Saintliness
For this government, the living machine will be re-configured to its satisfaction. We must rage against the machine .The destruction of the country must be resisted locally as well as nationally . I intend to play my part and anyone who does not is .....“ Letting down future generations “( A Government Source )

PS I accept that immigration and indeed all free movement is a good thing but the rate is now well over four times what it was in 1997. Far too fast unless your only interest is in cheap and docile Labour for big business.


Philipa said...

I heard again today on the Daily Polly ticks that immigrants bring 6 billion a year to this country - in what, loose change?

Travis Bickle said...


this 6 billion line has suddenly appeared on a lot of BBC interviews recently. In true NuLab/BBC fashion they probably mean 6 billion turkish lira, which is about three shillings and sixpence in real money.

Ed said...

We shouldn't be letting so many in when we can't deal with the people who are already here - it's that simple.

Newmania said...

Yes P TB amnd ED I think we need a certain amount of excnage after all alot of Brits work abroad. Its the numbers , it always is .


sniper said...

Labour needs a large poor and dependent underclass otherwise they will never be in a position to misgovern again. It's that simple.

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