Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brown- Crook or Cretin...

Labour's embattled chief fundraiser, Jon Mendelsohn, has (Now) admitted that he knew that property developer David Abrahams was donating to the party through other people.
Mendelsohn said in a statement that he had noticed the names of Janet Kidd and Raymond Ruddick when researching gifts to the party, after he took up his job on September 3. Kidd and Ruddick were among the conduits who gave £600,000 on Abrahams' behalf, to help him avoid publicity.

Did Brown know ? As I have said ,if as the the man who ran Labour`s election campaign and whose ties to the Labour nachine are his power base , did not , he must be a congenital idiot . Either way he is not fit for purpose but I think even the Labour Part are realising that , not least by his willingness to let others shoulder the blame


Ed said...

Cretin surrounded by crooks.

Brown is like the man in "Big" - totally out of his depth.

Newmania said...

Crook surrounded by cretins?

Ed said...

No, I don't think Brown is corrupt just very very naive. He thinks everyone is as idealistic as he is. He can't understand why anyone would disagree with his own view, and believes everyone who does must have ulterior motives.

That is why he treats everyone with such contempt.

Stan!! said...

I've been away. But I'm not away anymore. Sort of.
There are so many unanswered questions here about the current ton of shite which has descended upon Broon.
Why is it we are told only the party secretary knew the donations were from Abrahams?
How come Baroness Jay was able to tell Hilary Benn the money from from an intermediary?
Why was no one checking the authenticity of the donations?
Why was Mr Abrahams giving through intermediaries?
How come the party that introduced the checks about donations failed to follow them?
I suspect that Harriet Harman is, however, too self-assured and feels secure in her position as a leading member of the feminist faction of Labour MP's to fear getting the boot. The "supposed to know better but didn't" is a catchphrase which could be applied to much of Harman's career and it is perhaps time that she took a good look at her track record herself and did something about it.

Anonymous said...

A crook surrounded by cretins - and they're all his alter egos.

'There are two OJ's and they just don't talk to each other' - so said (or something like that) an excellent piece in the Guardian at the time of the OJ Simpson trial.

Well there are several Browns. I ought to know because I have to lip read all of them and they all have different lip patterns. There's the English imposter, the PM imposter, the wee Scots laddie and the very grand Scots Lairdie.

And they don't talk to each other either.

Auntie Flo'

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