Wednesday, October 10, 2007

PLay The Brown Game

This is good game for the car . Who is the first to run out of valid criticisms of BROWN....

1 Selling our Gold reserves at half price
2 .Let Westinghouse -together with Britain`s leading edge nuclear power base- be sold to Toshiba weeks before he decided we needed nuclear capacity after all..”
3 The delivery and conception of tax credits which have got no one into work and have caused endless misery
4 Sabotaging Frank Fields proposed welfare reforms and thereby causing unimaginable social degradation
4The handling of the NHS Computers overspend and impossibly incompletion delivery
5 The Doctors Contracts
6 the electorus interrruptus …of course
7 The attempt to fool us with a ludicrously obvious conjuring trick over income tax
8 the attempt to do the same again with the non tax cut of IHT
9 The attempt to use British troops to disrupt a Conservative Party Conference and to misrepresent the cut
10 Alienating the Press by announcing his electoru interruptus to Andrew Marr only , his pet Poodle
11 Flirting with Public sector Unions on better deals to calm them before his abortive election and thereby creating unrest .( Strikes now to follow)
12 Continuing to employ discredited Chime Research group headed by Deborah Mattison despite her association w with the Smith Institute and NHS contracts won coincidentally to her free survey work
13 Reheating all that old Blairite crap about a big tent and “ above the fray” with Mercer and Bercow and others none of whom are more than pygmy sized
14 .Omitting to foresee that he would be claiming to be an admirer when he said of Margaret Thatcher “There simply aren’t enough City speculators without a conscience to keep her in power”
15 Neutering Academies whilst pretending to support them by handing control back control to the LA
16Dropping experiments in privatisation for the NHS
17 Creating a target for targets

Wow there are just hundreds …… You are welcome to augment but I can do this all the way to Scotland


Steven_L said...

Doing that infuriating thing where he rubs the back of one hand with the palm of the other whilst he proudly annouces how much debt he is getting me in.

Anonymous said...

Good one, N and Steven_L

His 'I'm a thief' hand sign, which he uses when speaking of fairness and social justice, as he grabs an imaginary pot of our money and greedily claws it towards him.

Broon's 'I'll crush the lot of you mannerism', which he uses when speaking of 'listening', 'democracy' and community values. Here, he forms a globe with his hands before ripping it apart or crushing it in his half eaten clunking fists.

Then there's the 'WAR, WAR!' sign, where his hands form claws and appear to attack each other, that he's so attached to using when speaking of peace.

And his 'vicar at Prayer' pose. Emotionally drained by the orgasmic power buzz of his thieving, ripping, crushing performance, Broon invariably quietens and, trancelike, becomes his father, standing at his presbie pulpit.

Then he;s the 'vicar at prayer' who lectures us all on the life long brain washing ('education, education, education') he's going to give us...aye, and for your own guid ya Tory, heathern Englishers.

Auntie Flo'

Look up next time you're Broon and you'll see your nemesis standing at the back of the hall and warning hiStanding at prayer

Anonymous said...

'you'll see your nemesis'

Oh, Sh*te, too tired to put this right.

Auntie Flo'


He's even uglier than Thatcher- although more feminine.

Newmania said...

Oh dear me ...I laughed and aluighed ....'grabs an imaginary pot of our money and greedily claws it towards him.'

Sound work of a thought prvoking nature form all , but Flo`s first is my fave so far

allo ubermouth`re rather pretty ..if that is in fact your picture

Anonymous said...

Broon's devastating and discriminatory denial of funds to England, most apparent in healthcare and flood prevention/mop up/rehab.

If you need medical treatment - for cancer, osteoporosis or any other devastating illness- or if you're elderly incapable or and sick, or if you own your own home and you're sick, TOUGH!, says Scotsman Broon with a sleazy smug smile, give me ya money Furrrst!.

Or if you're one of countless thousands of people in English communities devastated by the wide spread flooding that's been scandalously exacerbated by Broon's grossly negligent over-development of England and denial of funding for flood defences, tough luck chum. Broon's message is:

If you're English
Don't step into Broon's parlour,
There's no welcome for you here!

The man's a Nelsonian telescope of the proportions of the Edinburgh Rabbie Burns monument, consistently pumping England's money into Scotland while turning his blind eye to suffering in England and denying England vital funding.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

That horrible little flitting smile he has that passes across his face for a micro second when he says words like 'power' and 'Prime Minister'-

also his massive exacerbation of the poverty trap.

Newmania said...

ooo Mutley thats a bit serious !! Get her.... ooo ... love you young Winston etc, etc. ad infinitum

Ed said...

My anger is getting the better of me. I went off on a ten minute rant at dinner last night. I need a tax holiday.

Newmania said...

I am thinking I just need to forget it for a bit Ed honestly its starting to drive me up the wall every bloody word isn half true at best....madness

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