Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Hell I Suffer

I was sorry to see the lads fail to beat South Africa but I could see that Martin Corry`s words were true “ Look , the white shirt and the red rose , they mean everything ".
Not to the scum selling is out for the sake of their warm bureaucratic sinecures. Cassilis informs me that there us a movement to install Tony Blair into the new Presidency of the EU. A pretty neat demonstration of how little your opinion matters any more. Londoners will be rule by a combination of Ken Livingstone , Gordon Brown and Tony Blair . I look to Milton to articulate my feelings about this :

Me miserable! which way shall I fly
Infinite wrath and infinite despair?
Which way I fly is hell; myself am hell;
And in the lowest deep a lower deep,
Still threat’ning to devour me, opens wide,
To which the hell I suffer seems a heaven


Ed said...

Please don't tell me that Blair as EU President is a surprise to you?

Newmania said...

Well I had heard the suggestion but no the actual likeliehood.

Anonymous said...

Sarkozy and Blair did the Presidency deal at their last meeting before Blair was booted out, that was what they were giggling so conspiratorially about, the b*****ds.

Perhaps it's time for you to start organising your town's People's Referendum, n? That is what I think we should all be doing. Circumvent the gits, cut THEM out of the democracy loop for a change, instead of them doing it to us.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Is that right , I `m obviously way behind here

hatfield girl said...

Angela Merkel is to be the first permanent EU president and, should she still be busy in Germany, then Mr Prodi, who has thwarted Blair before, has organized his disparate supporters into a political Democratic Party thus leaving his country in good order (unlike Blair), and is ready to serve.

Newmania said...

Is that right HG.. I am plotting thre aquisition of thevbgreat deception by Bhristopher Booker , so I am hoping to stagger you with erudition soon.

I am determined not to be bamboozled by the grange ennuie of the ratification

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