Sunday, October 21, 2007

Harry, England and Saint George

THE QUEEN IS A WONDERFUL WOMAN but truth be told, I`m not so sure about dobby Price Charles who likes to mutter greenly from his fleet of Jags .He also built a town for vast profit on farmland . I say let the Queen retire, she has been a wonderful servant and deserves a rest from tiresome commoners .Omit Charles, hope dopey William gets run over, and go straight to Harry .Harry was visibly distraught at not being able to go and fight and I am certain I saw him say " Oh F--- Off ", when the ref did not give our try .We need a young Hal to lead us,a great sort ...with a nice touch in fancy dress as well.

Prince Charles is an embarrassment who wishes to change his role to Defender of faith and should you be in any doubt as to what that means allow me to quote :

Price Charles -" My own understanding is that extremes ( of Sharia law) , are rarely practiced (oh thats ok then). The guiding principle and spirit of Islamic Law taken straight from the Koran, should be of equity and compassion"…

…they sew your hands back on ? Do tell.

More gems ( concerning some half baked Sloaney cod mysticism)

Prince Charles
-"There is much we can learn from that Islamic world view in this respect. Perhaps we should begin by having more Muslim teachers in British schools the West we need to be taught by our Islamic teachers how to learn with our hearts as well as out heads ."

He has never visited Israel despite endlessly gallivanting around the Middle East. he was the prime mover behind my very own arms cache hidey hole Finsbsury Park Mosque . In the Danish cartoon controversy he criticised the " Failure to respect what is sacred". He appears to be under the misapprehension that Islam treats either women , gays or indeed anyone apart form their theocratic fascism acceptably .Considering the blood curdling punishments for adulterers under Sharia law his infatuation with Islam is perhaps ill advised. At all events should he shortly meet an entirely unacceptable American Woman (god knows what that would take now ), and be obliged to follow his heart, I would applaud his submission to the commands of love.

Incidentally the hold Wallace Simpson had on the Duke of Windsor was revealed in Clarissa Dixon Wright`s recent book .Her father was the royal surgeon. Apparently he had a microscopic "appendage" and she had herself sewn up to accommodate his peculiarity and lubricated with cold cream .True Romance eh. The Queen is a Saint but only Harry will save us .I may chase William on my scooter a bit ... buy his driver a beer , that sort of thing ....

( I `m kidding of course but I do like the cut of young Harry`s jib)


CityUnslicker said...

Fantastci stuff here N; We will make a Republican of you yet. Clearly the light is beginning to seep through!

Anonymous said...

I agree, pass over Charles, though my reason differs from yours. His conduct with that Camilla woman brought the monarchy into such disrepute that few can now take him seriously as a potential monarch.

Both of Diana's boys seem great blokes to me. Though I have a soft spot for Harry, I totally disagree about passing over William for him, I think he'll be as great a King as his grandmother is a Queen and wil respectfully modernise the monarchy.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

I am not serious here CU and Flo much as i do not like Charles , I rrspect the tradition and thats that

Philipa said...

Can't agree with you on Harry N - I think the Queen has been wonderful,as you say, but the only good one in the gaggle of offspring is Anne, Charles is a prat and a dangerous prat and wills and Harry's conduct is looking more braying hooray henry than dignified intelligent royal. Charles' best subject at school was art wasn't it? And didn't Harry need help with even that one? I think the Royal line is like pedigree dogs, eventually they end up stupid and yampy with too much inbreeding, the needed an injection of intelligence and Diana certainly didn't provide that.

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