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A Free Education For All

Well at least Compass who I really must stop irritating ...snicker

So many slaps to hand out and so little time....


The red lines are worthless or , at the very least, subject to quiet legal challenge, which is , of course , the point . Even the Labour dominated scrutiny committee agrees . What more do you want ? The Union was sold off by Labour over devolution and now exists only as a shameless exercise in Gerrymandering anyway . The horse has bolted but you are right to see the way the division will finally come . Freedom within Europe says Salmon.... good luck with that !


The Treaty of Rome is necessarily a Constitution in that it sorts areas of competence between national supra national level. Amendments to it are therefore inevitably Constructional by nature. The renaming of the Constitution as a Treaty relies on collective amnesia regarding this fact for its effect and is a monstrous fraud . It’s a Constitution


You would like to see concrete examples of how we are losing our sovereignty ? Are you serious?!
Well what about the right to decide who may or may not come and live in this country “ henceforth referred to as the “car park”. What about the right to make our own laws ? Trade with whom we wish ? What about , as a small example , the right to govern the provision of services like Employers Liability…you thought FSA? Think again. Back to the big picture no-one disputes that between 70 and 80% of our laws now emanate from the EU. Remember the EU parliament is no such thing is does not develop or offer policy is rubber stamps the commission which is a bunch of un-elected bureaucrats . Do you want to me to list some ….it would be boring n but very easy. Why not just have a look at Devil’s Kitchen. 61 vetos will be lost by the Constitution including such peccadilloes as our own foreign Policy. Does no-one here care about this country at all , except as an illusion by which everyone tries to get everyone else to pay for them ?


There is a lot of humbug talked about the EU it is not a complex issue . Do we as the 5th largest economy in the world want to be ruled by foreigners or not is the only question? The foreign role of the EU is laughable , it has to ask the US to help sort out its own back yard provoking the usual bitter inferiority complex and carping . What about domestically ? Many would say …whats the problem , they make nice laws about rights and employees ..Well fine . Why not then, take no further part in the joke we casually refer to as democracy and hand that expensive pantomime over to Germany who will , I am sure , make some lovely laws for us . After all Germany is quite a nice country they may well do a great job.

Personally I have a sentimental attachment to the idea of having some say in the future of my own country but with such estimable goodies to be had , no wonder so many people couldn’t give a toss.


As far as a warped debate is concerned there is perhaps no subject about which the BBC has been so resolutely biased and paternalist in its arrogant attitude to its paymasters . It began when Jack De Manio ..( you will not know him) was expelled from the Today programme for his anti EEC views ( confirmed by then pre senile Hattersley. This bias pertains directly to Brown’s current and self inflicted travails ,(he allowed others to believe he was not a Euro-phile but now we see he is )

Evidence of BBC bias

In the Summer of 2004 the Centre fro Policy Studies published a damming report about the coverage given by the BBC to Blair’s announcement that he was minded to have a referendum on the Constitution( AKA the end of the country).The author s established that during the European elections of 1999 in 250 hours of main national news coverage by the BBC not a single Labour Euro sceptic had appeared on air !! Incredible .


I happened to be reading the Guardian the other day and I noticed this telling remark from Michael White . Describing Brown he said…

“ Now he sounds relentlessly defensive as he manoeuvres to see off the referendum which the usual suspects , Tories , media and Union Slow Learners , demand “

Union slow learners ….lovely . I think the progressives are forgetting who pays for their careers
and the media is considerably more pro EU than the people largely due to the unflagging efforts of the state broadcaster . A majority are against the Constitution by whatever means . Obviously it is a different matter to other laws as it is signing away the right of all future electorates to vote on policies effecting their country.


Why , by the way do you always say that FPTP allows a quarter of the electorate to dictate . The Conservatives are on 43% to Labour `s 36 today (ICM).In an English parliament this would equate to something approaching 60% of the popular vote in England in which more voted Conservative than Labour in the last election.43 % would give only a single figure majority to the Conservatives due to the boundary system and Scottish small constituencies . For a good majority they would need say 45% .
Thats an awful lot more than a quarter so you are profoundly misrepresenting the PR case. Its 45% not 25% . Simple

ICM today report that a majority of labour voters as well as others want nothing to do with signing the country away. The Angels in Marble …they may save us yet . Brown is lying and I believe the timing of the next EU round may have decided him in his electorus interruptus


PS Having just watched the politics show I see the BBC is beyond reform . Twenty minute on Party funding with no mention of the Unions , cash for Honours or Cameron’s offer of a £50,000 cap per donation. Ten minutes on care referring to funds as “Government Money“ not ‘tax payers money’ throughout .David ..where -did - my -brain -go Lammy for afters . Does this count as a Party political broadcast by the Labour Party and if not why not ?

Grrrrrrr….pay attention at the back


JT said...

Fancy just posting your side of the debate to try and impress your chums! Looks like the sort of propaganda used by a 1930s Stalinist...the Newmania Showtrial!
What our swashbuckling Tory adventurer has omitted, is that I answered his question:

'Why , by the way do you always say that FPTP allows a quarter of the electorate to dictate .'

Because as I make it very clear I mean the percentage of those who voted say for Thatcher in 1979 or Blair in 2005 out of all the potential electorate. For example in 2005:

%61.3 Turnout

%35.3 Of the above voted Labour

Therefore %21.64 of those who were entitled to vote chose the elected government. Why do so many people choose not vote?

I will not respond to all your points a SECOND time, NM but just remind you that your edited version is a impartial as the Young Conservatives!

Newmania said...

Don`t be silly JT...I don`t have time to write all that much I post stuff I write elsewhere to save time...

Noone cares much what I put in anyway.

Anonymous said...

this country “ henceforth referred to as the “car park"

Bl**dy hilarious. You should get the Nobel Prize for Literature for this, n.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

They give nobles away pretty damn easily nowadays Flo

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