Sunday, September 09, 2007

Women Are Overpaid

Two women express sympathy for the men who work harder for the same money:-

Women are paid too much , it is clear that for the same job they are overly rewarded and I can only ascribe it to the gravitational pull of men’s salaries. Its a little like Wimbledon , in fact women play less and worse and do not attract the same support for that reason . They do however get an equal share of the pot and this is true - ish throughout the work place. At the moment overall women get about 83% of the male equivalent which is far too much
With a complete absence of sexual discrimination , which we virtually have, there will still be a wage gap. Men’s retirement age is five years older encouraging longer careers which lifts average earnings . Women get far more extensive parental leave than men, this encourages career breaks and limits lifetime experience. But here is the killer stat wait for it …roll on the drums

“On average each week men work nearly twice as many hours in paid employment as women”

This will obviously build greater skills over a lifetime and in any case women often pick careers with less risk and greater flexibility . Its hard to prove but they also prefer emotional engagement while men go strictly for the money. All in all it looks fairly certain that the famous 83% figure shows women are paid far beyond their value in a true meritocracy and this will inevitably lead to resentment. This will be especially so when men are expected to be the sol provided for periods and if they cannot provide they are considered unmarriageable by women. Yes it is sad fact that aspirational graduate women appear to prefer not to have any sort of family than to marry beneath themselves socially .

Even so poisonous an ugly old token as Yasmin AlighaI Brown admits that the Equal Opportunities Commission exaggerate the problems women face in an effort to provide themselves with a role concluding that women should…. “ Step aside sometimes for others to catch up .“ She does not of course mean “ White Men “ but I think if she saw my little tear stained face we might just sneak in

A while ago Amanda Platell wrote an editorial in the Mail entitled “Yes I believe in equal pay but only for those who work for it" . She says ….“ Look around you or your partner’s work place. How many men are there working full time and completely committed to their jobs . Now how many women are putting in the same hours . How many days off are the women taking off sick , for their children`s holidays and special school days compared to the men . Quite so”
She paints another picture to defend herself against the charge of being a traitor to the sisterhood
“ Imagine a man who works all hours as the main bread winner. His wife may have opted to stay at home of more likely to take apart time job working around the needs of their children. How would she feel is she heard a women in her husband’s office was getting the same money for doing les hours because of her “ family commitments “ Would she feel a surge of sisterly pride , would she celebrate equality? Would she heck”

So now we know , If you are out and a woman offers to go Dutch the correct response is this

“ ,,,yeah and the rest mate , you’re better paid than I am !”


Anonymous said...

Women are paid too much ...women play less and worse and do not attract the same support for that reason..They do however get an equal share of the pot and this is true - ish throughout the work place. At the moment overall women get about 83% of the male equivalent which is far too much

This is cr*p of course, you've ruined and entirely reasonable proposition by falling into the trap of substituting abstract stereotypes for real people.

Countless female achievers and grafters, me among them, work every bit as hard as the hardest working men. I worked 7 day weeks and 12-15 hour days for years until I wrecked myself with it and was forced to rethink my suicidal work pattern. And I'm one of a breed, nothing special.

If you'd been more realistic I would have agreed with you. MANY women are less committed in the workplace because they have a dual career of work and family. I would also have agreed that those who are more committed, experienced and hard working in their jobs, regardless of their gender, should have higher rewards than those who aren't as committed.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Well I think that was certainly what Amanda Platell`s take on it was Flo except there is a fall out for the not particularly motivated mojority.

I think what she was saying which I admittedly wasn`t going into was that once you stop having a meritocracy , one the groups that suffer are hard working women .. but also hard working men,...and hard working women working at bringing up a family

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