Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The New Nixon

There was a lot of details and and a paranoid attempt to snuff out anything that might unravel his grand illusion. He is too close fisted to read directly you have to look at what he didn't say .......

TAX...One word
English Parliament - No words
EU Constitution- No words
Civil Liberties - No words
Localism - No words
Individual Freedom- No words
Blair( ie last ten years )- 3 words
Britain 80 words( Scotland 3 words)
Crime - No new Powers
Unions - Supportive
Equality of opportunity is not enough...long passage ( ie redistribution through taxation)
Jokes - None
Other Parties - Do not exist
Marriage - No support
Immigration- Nothing new

References to himself his achievement his hard work his many qualites endless, and he repeats the lie that he went blind playing rugby . In fact he went blind writing adolescent plots to rule the world in tedious and long winded detail under the bedclothes.Attacking David Cameron quite ludicrously over ERM , which he supported is to be expected I suppose but not one hint that the big Government solutions he has masterminded and which have utterly failed need to be rethought in any way.
Do the people of this country really look around and say to themselves , lets have another five if not ten years more of the same misguided polcies whose genesis was after the Second World War ? I detest this fraud with his conjuring show more than I hated Blair and lord knows I loathed him .Brown makes him look like a ,"Pretty straight guy". Money for the services( that comes out of their budget). Coastal policing that consists of renaming a few agencies , academies that are not really academies anymore .Gesture gesture gesture. Gun crime will be cured by ,"trying a bit harder". Brilliant

Does he remind you of Nixon ? Does me, and as for Quentin davies, enjoy your moment you filthy traitorous dupe . Your name will be a synonym for arsehole for all time. Above all if any good people are listening help us thwart Brown`s plan to replace democracy with some PR hocus pocus. Show trial ,juries and surveys whose job is not endorse our glorious bloody leader Herr Braun and his thousand year reich, . He aims to ethinically cleanse the independent English with immigration , social housing bribes and the ever expanding 8 millions strong paid state slaves who are obliged to repeat the party slogan. He wants to obliterate all debate and all opposition. If he is going to get religious on us ( as he did ) lets really go for it

Our Brown
Who art in charge
Hallowed be thy state
Thy One Party system come
Thy will be done in every way
In private as well as in public places
Give us this day some of our own money back
And save us from the temptation of choice
For thine is Britain
The centalised power and the control
Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever



Anonymous said...

I thought that on top of all this Mr N - he was also physically revolting..He makes my skin crawl.

Ed said...

It is quite scary how he has been allowed to "get away with" the things he's done and said. There seem to be rumblings in the Labour party against his iron first way of running things. Perhaps he has more in common with Thatch than we know - yet.

Newmania said...

Hi Mut , how nice of you to look in best not touch him then eh.. and Ed as well that great of you to bother..I really cannot "Keep regular "

Nick Drew said...

Ed, yes, as you have probably gathered I am beginning to grind my teeth over how much he gets away with.

I like this, from Fraser Nelson last week:

The art to successful politics is making mud stick. Let's see how Cameron does ...

Newmania said...

Teflon Gordon is having an astonishing fre ride. I njustv wonder if , in the long run, this may turn back on him There uis that sense that they got away with it .

I thought perhaps Major( who I liked a lot ) suffered from this

Anonymous said...

newmania said:

I thought perhaps Major( who I liked a lot ) suffered from this

Oh, yes. B ruin has his just deserts coming to him alright. There's that sense of an Autumnal chill in the air every time the smug wee laddie smirkingly self congratulates.

Auntie Flo'

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