Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Felling A Bit Fisky

I`ve had a go at a fisk...the article is up on the awful Compass site at the top.( See Blog Roll) I just could not resist.

'It is important to think about objectives for the short term, the medium term and the long term, because they are necessarily different.

Yes they are shall we say of differing lengths ..hmmmm you intrigue me …one is shorter than theother …yes yes I `m with you

Compass is logically bound to recognise that Labour will lose some elections sometime!

With 8,000,000 paid for by the state , double counting Scottish votes and controlling the state broadcasting corporation why be down hearted ,.With escalating immigration and dependency growth, not to say a new low in political accountability why not reign for a thousand years . The Brown riech will go on and on and on and at the rate those who resist are emigrating you`ll have the place to yourselves soon. Cheer up

Political parties do not exist merely to provide office for politicians.

Iazzat so …? Coo

Until parliament is elected by proportional representation, Labour will be unable to exert a strong and continuous influence on the political agenda.

More people in England voted Conservative than Labour at the last election they certainly will at the next. You seriously want the farce they conduct in Scotland . Elections are about voting against. PR is designed to exclude this possibility. Still it is at least clear what the point of PR is and I thought I already detested it .

provide an effective, constant counter-balance to capitalism. Social democracy

What is social democracy ? Is that socialism or not ? We are all democrats .I live in society and vote Conservative , Am I social democrat ( Do you get discounts at Wickes ?)

However, social democracy is also committed to the maintenance and observance of a collective, democratic right to reject market mechanisms in other parts of an economy. This right is effectively exercised: i) at the workplace and enterprise level by workers’ representatives; ii) at the local and regional level through community representatives; and iii) in state institutions through political representatives.

WE all agree with this so what ? Except for the bit about Unions who should not exert political power where they do not represent their members views still less finance political parties .Beats selling peerages I suppose but look out for the brown climb donwn after his tough posturing

In western Europe, social democracy has provided an effective counter-balance to capitalism since the 1960s. Its success in modifying crucial parts of advanced economies was not merely the result of winning elections, though social democratic parties in government played a necessary party in achieving it. Moreover, despite the strong resurgence of capitalist production in many other parts of the globe, social democracy in western Europe remains in a healthy, if not vigorous condition.

The only reason Brown has got away with his attack on wealth creation is the strong resurgence of capitalist production in many other parts of the globe . Europe lags and flounders and you admire wait for it …the failing system. Natch

It is important for Compass to work with other European social democratic parties promote social democracy nearer Britain, i.e. in east-central Europe, Russia and the Maghreb.,

Suppose we don’t care what Europeans think we should do and already resent the fact thatv70% of our laws are not decided democratically . You are aware of the historical con trick currently perpetrated by B Ruin of the British ? Are your loyalties wider than to your country then …easy to be a traitor under such circumstances as the left have often proved

reflection on the Labour Movement’s past mistakes.

Like increasing state expenditure from 38% to 45% of GDP and delivering the following ideas of varying usefulness with catastrophic ineptitude
WELFARE and HOUSING- thanks for underclass for which there was no need
DEFRA…everything it touches
IRAQ EXIT…..we had the expertise and ignored it
IMMIGRATION- Four times 90s levels
POLICE_ politicised and useless
EDUCATION- Behind our competitors and a disaster as everyone admits across the spectrum
CONSTITUTION- Lies and prevarication
OPENNESS …..don`t get me started
ID cards £5 billion at a Conservative guess for what
And I `d like to be able to smoke in a pub if Media Bimbo Flint doesn’t mind
LIBERTY - Eroded on all sides surveillance beyond the rest of the world
REGULATION- Destroying communities and businesses everywhere and casting the private sector into self employment then counted as a start up ..genius

I `d say a good time for a change was now whose with me ?

In the 19th and 20th centuries, British and German social democracy struggled to limit the power of an elite which consisted of an aristocracy

I would accept some of this the aristocracy was amazingly porous though and adaptable in this country.The gains are banked and now its just a giant Pack-man eating individuals coopted into their demise by false consultation

Unlike the USA, France and Germany, we are a society whose elite lack any serious interest or stake in production. Indigenous productive capacity, for both low and high technology commodities has been virtually hollowed out. This situation has resulted in two profound problems for British society. Firstly, there is no collective understanding of how British society can reproduce itself.

Non sequitor and nonsensical .The attack non coherence has been achieved by disastrous multiculturalism , immigration , progressive self loathing and the malign influence of the Liberal elite especially via the BBC. It is also a necessary part of Marxist derived theories which see people as economic units and defined by economics ,.They are defined by family and community loyalties held together by culture . All of this has been attacked by welfare , and the general year zero barbarism of the left . The left have connived to equate a minor Jamaican rapper with Shakespeare . This incidentally has made movement between classes much harder…one of the many ways the left have stuck it to the aspirational

People are growing up, being socialised and educated without any clear idea of how they can contribute to the maintenance of prosperity and security in their communities.

Because the state has taken their responsibility for themselves away , their responsibility for each other away their history and their country away . What the best poem the state ever wrote ,,,no I don`t know either.

Not surprisingly, there are no shortage of aspirants for filling this identity vacuum, e.g., those who should emphasise English-ness, those who would limit emigration,

I think you mean immigration or net migration. Almost everyone outside you elite enclave especially labour Party voters . We are English perhaps you have noticed and it is you that have undermined that identity. It is not an aspirant it something considerably deeper than that.people have been known to get killed defending it and uit was eactly this loyalty that saved us from the Hun. The EU have to beg the US to help out in their own back yard.

Every child needs to be able to spend regular amounts of time away from their home community, learning about other communities, cultures and languages. This requirement would help to ensure that British society does not become more ghettoised than it already is.

No they should learn about their own community not have another one foisted upon them by the government which will be like the brown plasticine my son leaves when he has made a pudding of all the colours. What sort of a horror is she describing yanking children out of their homes to be imprinted with alien cultures is she mad ?
Ghettoes are created by Liberal apologists who under value cultural capital usually because they are too wealthy to require it. That’s why 17 black boys have been shot so far in London this year despite no significant racism and endless opportunity. The community their parents had has been destroyed

The disappearance of the old 20th century elite presents a new, bifurcated question

Oh elegantly put !

for British social democrats. Its first branch is whether it is possible to assert the collective, democratic will in the unique conditions in which British society finds itself in the 21st century in comparison to the rest of western Europe. The new elite of money capitalists and IT industries has a SUPRA-national identity. It perceives itself as responsible to no nation-state, and treats the British parliament as stewards and vassals

Vassals …yum yum that’s what we want to be vassals …serfs …slaves … Please let this woman write Ken`s speeches or Browns.

An important short term objective for Compass is to concentrate Labour Party thinking about how to use EU institutions more effectively, in concert with social democrats in the other 26 member states. The transition from the horizon of a single state to the perspective of a multi-state organisation will not be easy for professional Labour politicians. Compass has a crucial role to play in helping them to make it.

So basically you want to fob off the voter with some PR confection whereby they can`t chuck you out and then if that fails appeal to the susperstate which you have sold us to so we have no say in it anyway …this is lovely stuff. Where do I join!! Yippee I can be a vassal I want you to “help me over my difficulties” OK if you can’t manage that please take my children away to learn your correct thinking before I infect them with mine…he is only two there is still time if you hurry…

The second branch is the problem of finding a practical, legitimate means by which the collective will in Britain can be determined. …s. Whilst expert researchers have suggested many new ways of arriving at collective decisions, e.g., citizens’ juries and internet polling, none of these has realised the claims made by their inventors. There is simply no substitute for the process of protracted dialogue between the body politic and its leaders.

Aha we are in the post democratic age as predicted by Mandy and then denied when we asked for a referendum on the sale of the country to Europe. I just have this nagging affection to being able to vote the bastards out …just a silly quirk of mine .

It is crucial that British social democrats acknowledge the lesson which their continental sister parties learned the hard way during the violent 20th century: i.e., that the popular will can be manipulated and used by aspiring elites in destructive, negative ways.

I hear you my sister and Brown is the past master at that is he not when hes not buying you he is lying to you. I begin to like some of this

For a political party or movement to be able to achieve a majority for a particular goal or programme is not sufficient ground for claiming that the goal or programme is legitimate or sacrosanct. Adolf Hitler won elections and the NSDAP were popular

Oh quite the sooner we make contrary views illegal the better..I `d start with yours yours , how do you like me now !… BTW Give that girl the Godwins law prize for today ..come on shake it up baby …and pop that cork…

Hence the importance of a written constitution and collective adherence to it. These provide important guidelines by which the collective will may be legitimately determined.

A written constitution you have just admitted will prescribe views which the ruling elite do not hold and I bet I know which ones those are going to be . This I assume is how you turn the short term into the long term .Chilling if you weren’t laughing
Oh come on you soppy lot its not hard. What a fascinating insight into the Compass mind which I will throw to the baying masses on my site . Woefully expressed in sentences balanced with unnecessary Latinate pretension and fabulously conceited …I rather like it. I expect this was created at the Metropoltitan University of Toynbee previously Toynbee Polly.
A magesterila romp through the windmills of the lefty mind '


The Ameil and Melburn Trust said...

Compass will success in their revolutionary struggle to implement representative socialist democracy.

You can't stop them whilst we fund them and you can't find out who funds us!

Newmania said...

Isee..I wonder whio they are ... I `m certain they are recieving GLA and or public money

yudansha said...

They can't be reasoned with, Newmania. They all need to be shot.

This is not a joke.

Newmania said...

Um..I don`t think i will be shootong anyone. I would on theother ahnd like to know where the moiney comes from

Stan!! said...

A post of considerable girth and length, Newmsie. But I thought blogging was on the back burner this week....
Those who describe themselves as "English" are becoming increasingly angry at the way the English voice is being ignored and have been aware of this fact for years. And yes, the Conservative party actually won the largest share of the vote in England at the 2005 election lest we forget.
In the Lion and the Unicorn, George Orwell said "there can come moments when the whole English nation suddenly swings together and does the same thing, like a herd of cattle facing a wolf..... "
I believe this is such a moment.
Most of us are against Europe; Most of us are against welfare and for standing on our own feet; we are more concerned with punishment than the causes of crime; against public ownership and for the private sector;against bureaucrats invading areas of private responsibility.Most of us put achievement above equality of opportunity and self-reliance above dependence.
The nonsense spouted by Comparse is severely disconnected from the English (but not the Scottish)reality and will only spur us on...

Newmania said...

Yes I got carried away Stan....I ought to edit more I am resolved to be shorter as of now

Nick Drew said...

the Metropoltitan University of Toynbee previously Toynbee Polly

Oh yes !

I am glad I made it to the end

Newmania said...

Nick I `m sorry .... I am going to post short and sharp from now on . I `m, afraid its lazy and unfair to blither on. Nice of you to bother !

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I understand your heroic fisking of these reprobates, but why not just shoot them? It's easier and doesn't waste valable energy.

Newmania said...

Allo WW ....actually several people have mentioned a variety of restoration tragedy style ends . My impression is they are semi well meaning and have strayed into territory not in their remit.

Ironuically on London I `m voting with my feer and leavuing on the 25th forever. Cannot wait its no place for a family

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