Thursday, August 16, 2007

Islington London`s Caution Capital !

What are they playing at? I would be delighted if any of the failing Police Force in Islington would like to explain to me the following that has just been extracted under the freedom of information act .These are edited highlights of the list of crimes that have been cautioned only.

67 Class A Drugs Offences
7 Counts of Class A Possession with intent to supply
2 Assaults on a police Officer
13 Possession of offensive weapons including 4 blades
15 Assaults
Sexual assault

All just cautioned

.For me this throws into sharp relief the problem of having a Police force unaccountable expect circuitously via the Home Secretary. I am told that the Council are routinely fobbed off with ease as the Police have all the information and all they have are anecdotes .There are no real powers to do anything about there failings anyway . With the Press full of the murder of Gary New love we know that these crimes can lead onto even more serious ones, but they are hardly low level. We already know the Police do not bother with bike theft, vandalism and anti social behaviour in general but possession of Class A drugs routinely cautioned ! Are they mad? What, I wonder Gordon Brown , is the point of reclassifying cannabis if no-one gets prosecuted anyway.

With calls to raise the legal drinking age to 21 and ban drinking on the street echoing around the country’s Police forces today, I am beginning to wonder if they privately know they have lost control of the streets. No wonder children feel they need the protection a gang provides.


Travis Bickle said...

That must have been one hell of a Saturday night party though. Or was it a Labour Party fund raising event?

Newmania said...

Yeah I felt really bad about the sexual assault as well

Lilith said...

What happened to all the poor buggers with the class C drugs? Did none of them get off with a caution? Were all the Class C drug offences prosecuted?

Newmania said...

A reporter from the Gazette called me with the details Lilltih this is actually pre press inf and I don`t have it all

Nice to see you !!

Travis Bickle said...


Quite right mate, glib comment I hadn't read the full list of offences past the drugs cautions. Bang to rights....

Do offences where cautions are issued appear in the official crime statistics? Maybe explains why crime is supposedly going down when everyone knows differently.

Newmania said...

That is exactly what I was discussing with the local paper travis we are all mystified as how the local plod come to such glowing figures when people keep getting shot and so forth.

(I was trying to be funny by the way .......usual result)

Travis Bickle said...

I heard this story from a policeman in a large town West of London, a couple of years ago they decided to put some effort into rounding up a few criminals (dealers etc) on a Friday night. After what they considered a successful evening they were called in to see the Chief Sargeant (or whatever rank is highest in the town) and were gobsmacked to receive a dressing down for making the crime figures look bad........

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