Friday, August 17, 2007

Helen Boaden BBC Liar Incarnate

. Helen Boaden has apologised for the use of the fourteen year old Redwood blooper which marks an acknowledgement of the way the BBC is going astray. Its as far as she can go. The difficulty with the BBC is that for them to even admit there is another point of view immediately raise the question of the jobs of the incumbents, A small admission is terrifying . Helen Boaden is a centre Left leaning media professional , virtually everyone else in the BBC is the same .They expect us to trust them when their jobs depend on stopping the Conservatives forming an administration.. They know this is not going to happen and now they are squarely behind Brown.

There was always special duty of impartiality but sheer size makes it more sensitive now . Prior to the 60s there was a broad area of agreement in the country on such things as the monarchy and the countries institutions which was a fair common ground. After the so called satire boom of the 60s the BBC turned on the other institutions, attacking parliament especially to its own advantage. Using its dual role to inform and entertain to promote a particular left progressive agenda as the old consensus broke down . After the shift into editorialising during the Birt period this practice has become malignant .

The agenda is , Pro Europe , anti monarchy , anti religion , anti N Ireland Protestants , anti America and Israel ,anti nationalist anti Conservative Party .Using free tax funding they have ruthlessly poisoned the ground for private media trailing its own programmes for free , for example, and starting such vanity projects as BBC seven and BBC four which does what BBC two was supposed to do. These ridiculous ideas show how confused the rationale of the BBC has become. The need for viewers is driven by justifying a Poll tax but popularity itself makes the Poll tax redundant. In news they can only become polemicists in the left direction. They want to be the Independent but dare not admit it . That is the conflict at the heart of the BBC and it is mirrored in the absurdity of public grants for Big Brother level entertainment .
Having so much power the BBC has turned into a self replicating Cancer willing to defend its swollen budget and dominance to the death.

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