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Janet Daley and others are beginning to see what they have done by undermining David Cameron. I have been holding forth on Dale on Janet Daley`s "Olive branch to DC today"

Not just to David Cameron Iain but to the Conservative Party readership of their infuriating Newspaper who have , for the purposes of creating ongoing faux outrage , undermined Cameron from the start. It has been an exercise in crass populism and political stupidity almost without equal in the Telegraph. Although Nic Boles for one and Mathew D`Anconna have provided voices of sanity it is Hefferlump and Daley "Mail" who have had a high profile .
What they know is that they have entirely omitted the other side of the equation . When I have finished earning a living I will be blogging this eve on the political pressure on Brown to raise taxes. Listening to the dead beat yawning beaks that chirrup for more public sector freebies around here ought to give you some idea . Daley, like those on the Mail know exactly what their readership is going to think of them when they are suffering the reality of the Brown tax regime when they supported him . That is exactly what they are doing . No one thinks that there are votes to the right and their are certainly not seats. Now the prospect of an out and out Socialist government is all too likely , they begin to see what their pitiful judgement will look like a year or two.
David Cameron is a courageous Politician he has staked his career on his judgement and his only crime has been to try too hard. His overall understanding if where the Conservative Party has to go is not only right it is more right than many are yet able to accept. Whatever happens to him he is saving the country from a regime whose true character is summed up by the outright lie Gollum ( he wants it ...) Brown has told on the disguised Constitution.

Non combatants might say “ Good for you at the news that 4000 “ foreign prisoners wil,be subject to a “target” to be repatriated( meaningless obviously ). Political commentators ought to see that the immigration rate is not slowing and that only migration watch managed to persuade this government of the true figures at all . Brown has nothing to say on this . Heffer in particular has described Brown as a serious man on the basis of these cheap tricks and his reputation must suffer for this and other stultifyingly cretinous lines he has managed to adopt out of the sheer need to make a living from his scribble .

This change of tack is may be to late and I will not forget the cynical self serving gibberish they have served up for the last year.

July 30, 2007 12:35 PM

Newmania said...
Nicholas Soames pointed out 1,000,000 of the 3,000,000 homes foisted on the Southeast will be inhabited by immigrants that have not yet even arrived. Heffer applauded

Now ( OMG) the BBC has noticed that immigration is out of control that is the extent to which this disaster has become main stream.

Cameron could afford some guarded support for the traditional Conservative view .He advocates,the Border Police , as do the Lib Dems so that is what he has done by signal and by a positive policy . Brown stole the name for a pointless recombination of customs officials but does nothing serious at all.
Heffer , oddly , calls him a serious politician . Liar thief and Policy writer on the hoof. Gordon Brown is a clownish empty weirdo and those who know this ought to be saying so.

Heffer owes Cameron support


Jenny! said...

Happy Monday Sunshine!

true blue said...

Nemania : I totally agree with everything you say in this post. I think that Heffer is a right wing bigot and should be sent to live on a flood plain !
I have had the priviledge of meeting David Cameron and he was electrifying ! He, Chris Grayling George Osbourne, William Haig and several party workers are working very hard to put the Conservatives back on the "political map" here in Liverpool and the North of England! We know it`s no mean task but believe me, people are beginning to take notice and listen to us. Needless to say the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo (Trinity Group) give scant and coverage negative coverage of the Conservatives !
I too am appalled at the sycophantic attitude of several Telegraph and Mail "scribes" towards Brown. What do they think he`s been doing for the last 10 years ? He`s been the "power the throne" all along, that`s why Blair couldn`t get rid of him
The man and his coterie of second rate talent are dedicated "Stalinists"
I`m Glad Janet Daly etc are beginning to "see the light".Sorry about the rant but I am so sick of the pro Lab, anti Tory Bias, demonstrated by these people. Also not forgetting the BBC and Sky News - (aka Murdock`s empire).

So again Newmania; Well said !

Jenny : Happy Monday Sunshine to you too !

true blue said...

Oops ! Typo error please, delete one "coverage"

Newmania said...

I knowq the feeling True Blue , Islingnton hasn`t been easy either

Newmania said...
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Newmania said...

Hi Jenny , I am a bit more of a miserable old git than a bucket of sunshine but the thought of gr... and the ....., with a .....
skimpy underthings...... you in the .....and then I ... deep ...

Always cheers me up .

( I enabled self censorship)

Jenny! said...

That censorship was just too all I caught was something about your skimpy underthings in my deep gr!

Newmania said...

Oh theres plenty more where that came from

true blue said...

jenny and Newms. Oooh I say !

Newmania said...

She`s awfully brave form the other side of the Atlantice TB(ahem same here)

Anonymous said...

Newmania said:

and his only crime has been to try too hard.

Attributions?? :)

Auntie Flo'

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