Thursday, April 26, 2007

Punish Poor Service With These Handy Signs

There has been a fair bit of press about the casual rip offs that we learn to expect. Goods that that cannot be repaired like Irons or cars , absurdly inflated service charges , call out costs , punitive bank charges and a whole spectrum of petty dishonest trading practices particularly on the interweb. When you are next insulted short changed lied to and generally treated like vermin I suggest you print of one of these handy signs a stick it up prominently at the offending establishment . Take pictures and send to the Local Press.

There’s always something you can do . Do it

PS Do you know that Peter Stringfellow actually has sign outside his club saying No Fat Birds .He has refused to take it down.....shsould i laugh . No I don`t think so . I think he is a Prat actually.

We are all beautiful


Electro Kevin said...

What about: No White Anglo Saxon Protestant Males ?

Oh forgot - the London Fire Brigade and the Metropolitan Police already have this one at their recruitment centres.

Newmania said...

Ooo EK you are a sharpen....I hope nooen looks at those and thinks I approve

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