Sunday, April 01, 2007

Priorities ( A Fermata in Blogging)

Its a shame really because I`ve had some great comments recently ,but there will have to be a period of exceedingly light blogging . I need to "focus" on clients ,family and selling the house. It is frustrating because I am brim full of ideas . I feel like a Catherine wheel that just went out in the rain....well a banger anyway

Much as I love interacting with everyone , there are more important things than my egomaniacal rants.....(just)


Raedwald said...

Awwwww! Yours? You lucky devil - all the very best to you and the family.

Knowing you from this blog though, I'd guess there's still enough stupidity out there to tempt you back to the keyboard more frequently than you may think ...

Keep up the excellent work!

Ms Smack said...

This picture is truly beautiful! Your wife and son are gorgeous. You're a lucky lucky man.

Thanks for sharing


Anonymous said...

Greeting Mr N - as u can imagine I have to advise you have your priorities all wrong. You should devote more time to blogging and less to ..... oh whats the use...?

Lovely picture man. Take care XX

Lilith said...

Gorgeous! That's a wicked twinkle. What a lush family, what with your good looks too;-0

electro-kevin said...

Aye ! Agree with all the previous posts here, N. I fully understand your need to ration the old blogging and could never understand where you found the time - I'm only glad you did ! Thanks sooo much, and will settle for whatever you can offer.



sally in norfolk said...

Will miss my daily laugh... but will find it else where i am sure.
Beautiful Family you have btw..lucky you.

Newmania said...

Thanks Sally I love them to death


Ellee said...

How can you find the time and inclination to blog with those two cuddly persons looking forward to your quality time.

They are so lovely, lucky you, I want to see a pic of you too.

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