Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kill Bill (-y Bragg)

I try not to read the Telegraph and then sound off a bit but today the vile squirming morally leprous person of William Bragg has been more than I can bear. His entire career has been one of posture and mummery and for the usual reasons. He is a professional Londoner (from Barking actually and not that badly off) and professionally working class( Never had a job in his life ). As his disappearingly small song writing and performing talent was never going to last more than for a month, he has augmented it by being a Dinky Toy lefty for the Press to play with. It’s the Cliff Richard`s trick except Cliff did Christians.

His earliest crime was to try and tame the gleeful amorality of Punk and cram bolshy right wingers like the nascent genius Paul Weller( boots not fit to lick ), into a PC straightjacket. The Jam were Conservative voters and their every instinct told them not to go along with the bourgeois left but their careers were in the hands of the brutally controlling media .They went native when they went up from Essex to London.

He turned Weller and got him involved in the shameful farce that was Red Wedge. Red Wedge included Weller and The Communards lead singer Jimmy Somerville, they put on concert tours and appeared in the media, adding their support to the Labour Party campaign. It was launched on November 21, 1985, at a reception at the Palace of Westminster hosted by Labour MP Robin Cook. It took its name from a 1919 poster by Russian constructivist artist El Lissitzky, Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge. Already you see Bragg presenting as rebellion what was invertebrate fawning before the arts and Liberal establishment and to the benefit of his own no hope career. An additional theme to note is the extreme pretension of the stupid name .

When it comes to stupid names the mother of them all must surely be Charter88. It was the British pressure group that advocated constitutional and electoral reform.It took its name from Charter 77 - the Czech dissident movement co-founded by Václav Havel and included Salman Rushdie and Pinter and various arts luvvies like Bragg who use to have a good old whine about their grants in Pubs around Islington Green .The real thing ( 77) was just a teeny bit more serious being an artist revolt against a brutal Communist regime. Several means of retaliation were used against the Czech signers, including dismissal from work, denial of educational opportunities for their children, suspension of drivers' licenses, forced exile, loss of citizenship, and detention, trial, and imprisonment. Many members were forced to collaborate with the communist secret service.
Consider the loathsome sense of self importance of Bragg and his preening pseudo rebels and the development of financial opportunities driven by profile raising left wingery continues.
Now he has become the Daily Telegraphs pet red , selling his disgusting gaudy baubles to any buyer as ever .He has consistently promoted the failed multicultural experiment and advocated a cod mystic working class solidarity even claiming lineage with working and and Mystic Genius William Blake as a fellow Londoner.

Dorset has a population of 407,217, plus 165,370 in Bournemouth and 137,562 in Poole (total 710,149 — mid-year estimates for 2006.91.3% of Dorset's population were born in England and 95.2% were born within the United Kingdom. 98.8% are indigenous, an extreme example of the disproportionately small ethnic minority population in rural areas.78% of the population are Christian, 13.7.

Some people see this as a betrayal but they have missed the entire point of his career which was to make a career out of the arts establishment and acquire the Dickensian reward of rural Middleclass safety. He has answered cries of hypocrite today and I am going in for a little light fisking work

“It is an evolution of the old chestnut from the 20th century , if you like Socialism so much why don1t you go and live in Russia !”
No it is not . The , Russia thing was as if to say look at what your beliefs will bring us . It was of course not literal and in any case was more usually expressed” Would you rather live in America or Russia ?”. The answer is obvious and the point is a good one despite decades of Intelligentsia soi disant mockery. To choose to physically distance yourself from the London you have left for others is quite a different matter.

“..I take as a sign that the contributor has nothing to say…”

Oh but he does. He is saying you are a fraud and the world you helped create you have your self escaped from because for you Politics is about show and image and not life. You are another Dianne Abbot whose sons are at Public school , an Emily Thornberry who finagled the system, to get her kids into a Potters Bar Grammar .She is the Labour Representative of Islington with its educational and social disasters created by her Policies.
You are a mendacious parasitical black-market plague rat for the Labour Party Billy Bragg .A licklespit and self dramatist who sickens me to the core .In all this time not a decent song had he written not one moment of musical joy has he contributed .

That is of course why he has had to sell out the working class for a nice Home in Dorset
...( what a James Blunt!)



Ed said...

Politicians should certainly be forced to sleep in the bed they have made (especially where the education of their children is concerned).

I can't get worked up about Billy Bragg though, I expect hypocrisy from celeb-politicos because all they are doing is shouting from the sidelines.

Newmania said...

That makes it worse for me ED but i just got on a roll really

Ed said...

Cheryl Crow and Al Gore should get together - they could start a campaign to only use one sheet of toilet paper on international flights to global warming conferences.

Newmania said...

Onob ( Bono) could use the same sheet to write his little homilies about peace and so on. In fact they would be pre written

Ellee said...

Ed, what a horrid thought, yuk!!

Newmania, the Lib Dems will take you seriously, you should have learnt your lesson - I can see the headlines tomorrow!!!

Newmania said...

Hope so Ellee. If I was staying in Iz then I would say that gettingionto rows was excatly what we need to do People have to know you are here.

Electro Kevin said...

Serious points here, N. (I was always a Squeeze man myself.) Music, art and satire have all been essential components of leftist indoctrination and Dianafication of Britain.

(Diana wasn't the cause of this phenomena, but her death revealed it)

I take it that you're neither glad nor gay and shan't be singing, Mr Newmania.

Nor will I - the sheer hypocrisy of these bastards is nauseating.

Croydonian said...

Ellee, Ed is quoting from La Crow's blog. Nice, huh?

As to Bragg, yes, he can be deeply annoying, not to say a sanctimonious hypocrite, but he has written a fair few fine songs. "I am the milkman of human kindness, I will leave an extra pint" is a great lyric.

Newmania said...

Beg to differ C he has nothing for me in his nasty droning career.

EK you are on superb form today I liked you comment about celebrities on Hitch. I agree I belive the general cultural hegemony of the lefyt is exceedingly important . Obviously the Labour Party also do.

Saw Tom Robonson live once he was ok but not my cup of tea

Roger Thornhill said...

You are a mendacious parasitical black-market plague rat for the Labour Party Billy Bragg .A licklespit and self dramatist who sickens me to the core .In all this time not a decent song had he written not one moment of musical joy has he contributed .

Fine snippet of spleen venting. Top marks!

Newmania said...

Hmmm I may have been enjoying myself a bit there Roger

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of him. Are you sure he lives in Dorset? He sounds extremely unpleasant - I was once trapped inside a giant nappy by a man who insisted he was Paul Weller.

Newmania said...

Mutley that isn`t true now is it ....now is it ,,,really .

Raedwald said...

During the great Countryside March a few years ago (the first protest march I'd ever, ever been on)an incandescent lady beside me shouted at Whitehall in general "You've spent 50 years screwing up the cities and now you want to start on the country!"

I knew what she meant of course; the disastrous experiments in municipal socialism had up until then been largely confined to urban areas. There had a been a sort of political compact to leave the self-reliant, self-governing, no-problem-to-anyone countryside alone. It's schools were good, crime was low, people were healthy, family life was strong.

The irony of course is that every fake lip-serving socialist careerist who had scaled the ladder on the back of Labour's urban chaos wanted to move there as soon as they'd conned, expropriated or extorted enough bucks. Then they could complain about the sound of tractors too early in the morning, or the smell of slurry, or mud on the road. Filthy scum parasites the whole lot of them - I'd gladly pitchfork the whole smeggery of 'em onto a pyre of burning cattle carcasses.

Electro Kevin said...

Wow Raedwald, that was hard-hitting.

I was at the Countryside Alliance march too and I couldn't have cared less about fox hunting - infact I think that was the CA's biggest mistake, to allow it to become a single issue protest and a class riven one at that. I was there because of everything you have said here.

It wasn't long after 9/11 was it ? I seem to remember a tingle go down my spine when a Union flag & the Stars & Stripes were marched side-by-side down Queen Victoria street.

Not one piece of litter or foul word - and then total silence as we filed past the Cenotaph with heads bowed. Shamefully I'd forgotten to remove my baseball cap and was quietly admonished by a chap in tweeds - I thanked him afterwards.

I was also at the Poll Tax riots (but on the other side of the shields that time)and what a contrast ! We'd carefully demarked an ambulance route down one side of the road which was deliberately ignored by the anarchists (through Stockwell) We were re-deployed to Trafalgar Square in anticipation that this lot were up for it - having been mobbed on the ambulance cordon (one copper every 10 feet) I could vouch that they were.

So much for respect of our War dead with the left-wing anti-capitalist demos which followed some years later in which the Cenotaph was defiled - thankfully I'd left the police and wasn't there or else I would have gone berserk and have served a prison sentence by now.

But a lesson to be learned here:

Which of the two demonstrations achieved its goal ?

What does that tell us about how to earn respect from our politicians ?

I could mention the Brixton riots here too.

Newmania said...

Fantastic stuff raedwald what a tremendous writer you are. Why are you not on Doughty Street I wonder ?

Ed said...

What does that tell us about how to earn respect from our politicians ?

Spot on EK. Our democracy seems to have forgotten how to listen. Maybe we really do need to take a leaf out of the French's book and be civilly disobedient on every issue?

Newmania said...

EK that is one of your most interesting posts as well . I `m please with this one which seems to have annoyed others as much as me . I know its a small thing but sosmetimes those are the little details that really rattle your cage.

I wonder how many were at both rallies. I supported Poll tax but thats me for you

Newmania said...

Maybe we really do need to take a leaf out of the French's book and be civilly disobedient on every issue?

With the death of the civil democracy we have for so long enjoyed i increasingly see no other option . How tragic .

Dis you spot Raedwalds invective Ed...exquisite

Ed said...

Yes I am in awe.

I think that the gloves may have to come off on my blog. Perhaps it's time to stop worrying what people might think!

Electro Kevin said...

I didn't spot Raedwald's invective - it was too subtle for me perhaps.

Guffaws with laughter. Subtle as a sledgehammer - great stuff.

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