Thursday, April 26, 2007

Important Polling Results Analysed

Thank heavens for little girls they grow up in the most delightful way ………….. Out today the FHM Lads Mag hall of fame and top of the pops is my own personal swoon Jessica Alba. There are some odd ones though. Miss Watson may be a commendable Hermione but Puleeeeez. Joss Stone is at 38 which I don’t get and Lindsay Lohan is surely not of the quality we expect at No. 30. I have slight thing for Eva Longoria at No. 3 who is more my age. Solid talent provided by Eva Mendes ( yum yum) at No. 11 and Scarlet Johansson at 5. I have loved her since lost in translation which has a deft and nicely balanced performance of comic pathos from Bill Murray. Tell me FHM how the hell does Beyonce Knowles slip from 7 to 18 this year. I mean she is perfect what else could woman possibly have ?

Poor Miss Middleton at No. 25 I fear her Audi convertible is now a pumpkin and her serving men rats ..back to obscurity from whence she came although I rather liked her.

Lastly I am astonished that there is no mention of Ellee Phillipa or Lillith



Ellee said...

Never mind, I will content myself with being appreciated here, along with the lovely Philipa and Lilith.

Newmania said...

Indeed you are Ellee .

Ellee said...

Thanks, and likewise.

Gosh, you've had a busy blogging day. Don't you feel weighed down by it all? I have so much to do this evening, my family feels very neglected, so I'm afraid I can't comment on them all.

But my blogging is paying off. People are beginning to hire me to do PR blogging, people are finding me by Google, I'm really thrilled about it. And I shall be choosy about who I work with, they have to be honest and transparent - no more spin!!!

mens sana said...

NM How did you get a picture of Lola?

Newmania said...

Men Sana -I understand your game of double bluff . I know your methods

Newmania said...

I`m sure you will be brilliant Ellee . Blogging doesn`t take long but I do have to concerntrate more on work. AS period of very occassional posting is coming up.
I supose you aalways have to maintain a proffessional standard and can`t really mess around the way I do.

I `m thinking of getting abit more serious about Poltics in alocal way and I will have to be more careful then

Philipa said...

It's cause we've completed puberty - our membership expired.

Newmania said...

I `m not sure I ever quite completed puberty Phillipa .

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