Wednesday, April 25, 2007

BNP Broadcast Censored

BBC Wales has forced the British National party to change a party election broadcast to be shown tonight. The BBC confirmed its lawyers insisted the BNP make certain changes to their broadcast, but refused to discuss details. Unite Against Fascism urged the BBC to stop any broadcast going ahead. Theoretically they can only do so on the grounds that it is obscene or offensive but the phalanx of objectors are instructive as to the real problem.
North Wales police, Richard Brunstrom, who is described as the "most politically correct cop in the country". Has loudly complained and he has been under fire from the BNP Media unions not only approve but have called for a review of the policy to allow the far right party any platform at all. Gerry Morrissey, the Bectu general secretary, said:

'We congratulate the BBC in not broadcasting the racist diatribe originally proposed by the BNP, as the BNP is an affront to decent working class people.The current legislation which allows them to have broadcasting time via party political broadcast should be reviewed as it does little to encourage integration in our country."

The political views of the Unions and the politicised Police are of course irrelevant as are the state paid views of the BBC. More reasonably I just do not see the point of denying the BNP air time .Their Literature however is horrifying and the beliefs laughable . It’s a tough call , god knows I have never believed “ Freedom of speech “ was sacrosanct , but on balance I `d say the light of day and the ensuing derision is the best Policy. Its just possible that the nationalist working class will evolve new groupings to challenge Labour who have abandoned them . Can the BNP change into a Party reflecting most of its support ? Not sure, but I have a name.

They could call it NEW BNP


Ed said...

I assume the broadcast will be put on YouTube and will be watched by far more people than would have seen it if broadcast with no fanfare?

You can vote for whover you like, as long as it's Labour.

Newmania said...

Yes that is a problem Ed.My problem is that I would like to see working class nationalist sentiment have a voice but the BNP really are disgusting.

Ed said...

Why aren't the Conservatives appealing to that vote (on a slightly more tolerant platform of course)? Mrs T managed it.

The BNP only garners support from people who think that "the elite" aren't listening. Maybe they are right!

Newmania said...

I agree Ed and this is the core of my problem with the Cameron project .He annoys the respectable right ( UKIP) which I can live with ...although I am one pretty much . He also abandons the soul of the Party the socilally conservative poor . They are the swing voters though they are all in Labour strongholds.

Tyhats why I would like tos ee an ally Party .... if the BNP cannot then a less odious splinter group.

Newmania said...

Thats why I would like to see a new Party .... if the BNP cannot become it , then a less odious splinter group.

I mean

Soz busy

The Green Arrow said...

Yep loads of publicity for the B.N.P. at this crucial time.

I am just curious as to why none of the MSM have not dug into the origins of the UAF. There you have tucked up nicely, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Socialist Workers Party , Moslem Respect and the Muslim Council of Britain.

Neither SWP, MCB or UAF contest democrat elections but prefer violence the pull the plug option.

Why not come over Paul? The more decent members the BNP have the more decent the party.

Newmania said...

My wife and child would not be elegible and some of what they say and write is a non negotiable bar.Anyway I am a Conservative for many reasons and to the core. I sympathise with some of the reasons people vote BNP but no more

I have been wondering for a while though if there was scope for change. I certainly know a few BNP voters who are good people. I hope so.

Electro Kevin said...

For those of us unable to emigrate in order to maintain our lifestyle the open immigration policy is our biggest worry. The clear message is "You're protection from global hardships is being taken away and you now have to compete for your wages, healthcare and services with an unlimited number of newcomers."

10 years of Nu Lab have made our country dangerously unstable and none of the parties seem to care or recognise how frightened people are. So of course it's possible that the BNP will make massive inroads. In fact the question must be - considering the intense provocation by manifestly anti-British Nu Lab and wishy-washy Tory - if it is actually wrong to vote extremist; on matters which could mean life or death and abolition of country can people be blamed for dropping some principles ?

I was unable to view the BNP manifesto on their website today. Perhaps they do have nasty policies - but is censorship really the mark of a mature democracy ? For grown up choices look to the French elections.

Like the EU Constitution the British people are being treated like babies having their candy taken away. We can't be trusted to decide for ourselves that the BNP is disgusting.

What a shit country this is turning into.

Ed said...

We can't be trusted to decide for ourselves that the BNP is disgusting.

What a shit country this is turning into.

That's what I was trying to say but couldn't put it as well!

Anonymous said...

Mr Newman -these fantasy possible Conservative voters have never swung before to the Tories -most are so stupid ....its a waste of time to try to appeal to them.. Try to appeal to people who actually can form a cross with a pen. Not the white sponging class.

Newmania said...

Ultimately I agree with Mutley but there is something not right about what is happening

Roger Thornhill said...

re: BNP. As Ramases II said to Moses - "Let him rave on so that others may know him mad".

Now, I am not equating the BNP to Moses, but who are we to judge who can talk and who cannot? Better to let them get out in the open then those who disagree fisk the hell out of them, if they can. This should also apply to Labour, Con, Fib-Dumb, UKIP, the MCP and other ranting Islamists.

As they say, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

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