Friday, March 02, 2007

We`re a Couple Of Gems

'A Chinese businessman has advertised on the internet for a stand-in mistress to be beaten up by his wife to vent her anger and to protect his real mistress. "When the woman found out her husband had a mistress, she insisted on beating her up," the Beijing Youth Daily said, citing the advertisement posted on a popular online jobs forum on More than 10 people had applied for the job, the newspaper said. The "successful" candidate would be 35 and originally from northeastern China and would be paid 3,000 yuan ($573) per 10 minutes, it said' - NZ Herald

'Police have condemned hecklers who urged a man to "get on with it" as he threatened to jump off the top of a multi-storey car park. A crowd gathered as the 21-year-old was perched on the eight-storey building in Mexborough, South Yorkshire, while officers tried to calm him down. But some onlookers started shouting at the man, urging him to jump. Trained negotiators later arrived at the scene near the town centre and persuaded the man to come down' - The BBC website.

Remember Pete and Dud....

"Jump, you fucker jump. Jump down into this blanket what we are holding. He jumped down to the deck, broke his fucking neck. There was no blanket. Laugh? I nearly cried." etc


Ellee said...

What a way to end the week. The Chinese story is incredibly complicated, why was he able to attract so many women, I wonder? What's the going rate for that kind of job? Is it full-time or part-time? Evenings and weekends too? It's so sordid and horrid to think that people live their lives that way. Best send him to Italy, the judges there will sort him out.

And suicide should never be made fun of, it's always tragic.

On a lighter note, have a lovely weekend with Mrs N and little E, you have to count your blessings after those two sobering tales.

Newmania said...

I think you may be right there Elee.I `m afraid that story was around all day and i `m sure evryone noticed it

electro-kevin said...

You ought to be ashamed of yourself N.

Whaa ha ha ha ha ha ha haahh !


Anonymous said...

I once had that job - it was aright pain in the neck? Punishing work, you might say!

Ellee said...

Newmania, I missed it earlier, I've had my head stuck in my books for my PR diploma study day tomorrow, it is soooooo hard, lots of theory and stuff like that. But I'm working on an interesting project about putting a PR campaign together to show a local authority is committed to eradicating racism, pariticularly regarding its housing allocation and employment. Any ideas, sources of info, best practice examples would be most welcome.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Love the Chinese story! Can that really make the wife feel better? If it was me, it would be HIM I'd want to beat up! As for your second story, it makes you proud to be British....

Newmania said...

Welshcakes , nice to see you I often pop in to your abode.It always sounds so idyllic. There is a certain macabre humour about it though. Or am I a sick puppy ?

Newmania said...

I do envy you Ellee all I ever do is work at a boring job but ....we need the money and it all has to come from me for a good while . I wish I was training or doing something creative. When I listen to Doughty Street and you hear what are virtually professional politicians I feel somewhat excluded . How can I an ordinary working stiff ever have a say in anything . I haven`t got the time to become well enough informed. This is what this blog is about if anything . It is against the development of specialist polticos who are full time politicians from an early age and at the very least unhealthily obsessed and just not like voters .

Two thing s leap to mind .
1 In the past few days there was a story on the frot page of the telegraph they had on 18ds about relocating the admin from prisons into an area that was not so white( from Corby to Northants). They can do this because under the Race relations Act Public bodies have an exception whereby they can take positive action to meet recruitment targets . Dso one question is what are these recruitment targets that are part of a “New Drive to recruit blacks and Asians”

The below was sent to me by the editor of the local Paper and we started quite a fuss but it is an example of positive action.. Note the exemption
* This post is exempt under Section 38 of the Race Relations Act (1976) and Section 48 of the Sex
Discrimination Act (1975).


African-Caribbean Men Wanted in Schools
to make a difference to children's lives

Following the success of our first programme,
Islington's Ethnic Minority Achievement Service (EMAS) is offering 40 African-Caribbean men* the chance to become fully
qualified Teaching Assistants (TAs). This unique programme will give you the opportunity to take part in an all expenses paid
training package that will lead to OCR Level 2 national qualification. The course will use a range of teaching and learning
methods to accommodate different learning styles. It will also present you with the opportunity to build a network with other
African-Caribbean male TAs, to help support you whilst developing a rewarding career in education. Note: You must be
unemployed or about to be unemployed.
Closing Date: 30/01/2007
How to apply: For further information contact: Karen Weir or Marc Thompson on 020 7527 5899. Quote reference: Male TA scheme.
Please leave your name and telephone
contact(s). Please note: Course begins in February 2007.
* This post is exempt under Section 38 of the Race Relations Act (1976) and Section 48 of the Sex
Discrimination Act (1975).
Interview Date:

So we can see that local authorities are empowered under what particular “drive “ I don`t know to positively discriminate against white people . Which is the way I would put it as an angry Daily mail-ite. I had some highly critical things to say about this and if you are interested I will tell you what the6ybare . One is that the message to decent black people is that the way to get ion is to do nothing and wait for hand out . They will have no respect and it appears that you are suggesting blacks and Asians are incapable of success without spoon feeding. I could go on

What you are looking for are
1 What recruitment targets they have
2 What positive steps they take 9 as allowed under the Act
3 What is the rationale underlying it , ie what research they have done

But I would ask Trevor Phillips lot . I f I think of anyhting abit more useful i will let you know . Croyudonian is really the info mine he knwos everything

Newmania said...

See this story just out

Newmania said...

Not a bad site . I might have alook at it myself tommorow. The thing is Elleee Local authorities are under fire for discriminating againstvthe white working class rather than anyone else and this happens becauise the neediness points system hikes newcomers up the list so its an explosive subject. this is excatly why the BNP are doing so well and they are doing well where this sort of thing goes on.

I would have a look at a Coucil like Barking where the fighting along these lines is fierce

Newmania said...

In the British 2001 Summer of Violence Riots in Oldham, Bradford, Leeds and Burnley, one of the major complaints voiced in poor white areas was alleged discrimination in council funding which favoured minority areas.

Some also claim that in college or professional admissions, it hurts those it intends to help, since it causes a "mismatch" effect by admitting minority students who are less qualified than their peers into more rigorous programs wherein they cannot keep up. UCLA School of Law professor Richard Sander wrote several papers on this occurring in both the law schools themselves and in law firms. [1] Supporters of affirmative action counter this by citing the connections that a minority student can obtain simply by being at a higher-ranked school, even if their class ranking is lower.

How the media portrays affirmative action and affirmative action cases plays a role in how the public responds to affirmative action. There are claims that the practice is itself racist and/or sexist, depending on how one defines those concepts. Others believe that programs may be motivated by political considerations. Some members of races 'assisted' by affirmative action feel that the program is an insult to them, because they feel that they are capable of becoming successful regardless of government's help. Finally, critics and supporters disagree on the economic effects of affirmative action. [citation needed]

(Interesting note in Wik)

So one big question is what are they doing about being portrayed as abaisnt the English

Ms Smack said...

wow thats an interesting story about the chinese couple....appalling but interesting.

hi N :)

Newmania said...

Hi Miss Smack , Nice to see you alluring eyes again

Ellee said...


Thanks for all your info - and stop putting yourself down. I am going to follow up all your suggestions and will keep you posted. It is a daunting project, way beyond my normal comfort zone.

And I agree, Ms Smack has stunning eyes.

Ellee said...

Newmania, Neither of the Telegraph links opened, not sure is something is missing from the url link, the others are fine.

Must now swot up on Porter's Five Forces before my class today, then off into town to buy a new frock for a couple of nights out in London next week.

Newmania said...

Oh siorry about the DT bits , I use physical cuttings myself so I`m not thebest at that sort of thing.

If You search under Towns Prisons you will get the Northants story and the other one is aopnly a jokey thing . its covered on Croydonian now actually.

I have to say C is absolutely brilliant and finding information. He may help you
I `ll ask

The Hitch said...

Mr Mania
You are well informed , even better than that you have "common sense"
I realy would vote for you.
As to what you said abour positive discrimination On Croydonians blog I couldnt agree more.
"positive" its isnt , its a complete heap of racist bollocks, both ways.

Newmania said...

Thanky but I `m to hard up.


(I could have had some class)

its a quote obviously

The Hitch said...

Mr Mania I know its a quote
Be assured , at no time have I believed that you "have class"

Newmania said...


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