Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ugliest Woman in Politics (more entrants )

Thankyou Hunter a good effort .
Annabel Goldie


4 comments: said...

Or the Lib Dem 'wimmin'

David Allen said...

N, How could you? Hunter came to praise Goldie and now you bury her! (Sorry, Croydonian has made me come over all Shakespearean). My nomination would have to go to that revolting LibDem marxist who got turfed out by the voters and then went off to ruin the RSPCA _ I shudder at the memory, which is probably why my sub-conscious has repressed all memory of her name.

Newmania said...

Materfully put David she sounds vile beyond belief

Croydonian said...

J*ckie B*llard. Her losing Taunton was just about the only positive about the 2001 election.

ONLY for the strong of stomach. I do wonder whether her barnet was a particularly cruel situationist prank.

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