Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What are they whispering ?

Poor women, everything is against them isn’t it and nothing is ever their responsibility . They decide they do not wish to participate in the democratic process and that is somehow whose fault? Men of course. Whilst cruising the low life haunts of desperate media creep and salivating Brown Nose,Recess Monkey ,I came across this nugget which ,initially, I thought was funny.

“Anne Snelgrove (South Swindon) (Lab): I joined a 98-strong group of Labour women MPs( The much respected Blair babes)., … so far this year the Conservative party has selected 17 men and no women?
Mr. Straw: A debate on this issue would be very important. I note that more people called “Mark” have been selected as Conservative candidates than have women.”

Just for second I snorted with glee”.That’s right ; what an irrelevant distinction . Why not discuss how many men called Mark are selected, its just as politically important. Discuss how many men a are called Steve or Kevin and you might even get to grips with class exclusion”. Sadly , it is as you would expect a flaccid politically correct (but factually incorrect), plea to be more ,“sensitive to women”, passed on by a fawning courtier to the establishment .
Only thanks to the confusingly named “ Sir Igor …Judge” and learned friends have we established that conceivable a woman might drunkenly consent to sex and it still be her responsibility . Jesus when I think the horrors I have morphed into Beer glass beauties over the years , they are not the only ones who wish they could go back in time on occasion. Is nothing their fault ever?

We know that women cannot “ Win “ without the help of the Pignot swilling circuit of well connected “ W2W” mafia by which the Etonian top brass take the Conservative Party from its grass roots Lower Middle-class support and give it to their posh media girlfriends . This has the effect of rendering any woman candidate immediately under suspicion of being a Cameroon glove puppet . No doubt , they will largely turn out to be just that . Shame for the good ones but that’s what Stalinist quotas will do for you .

Meanwhile the Charidee industry has been hijacked by shadowy wimmins groups and the recent red nose preenathon gave staggering amounts of its blackmail loot to these cultural lever pullers . Note how they hide their activities !
£112447 – The Women’s Aid Foundation, £114,501 The Family Welfare Association ( domestic abuse ), £43,000 Women’s Integrated Services. 60 % of the African slice went to women related charities most of which I have never heard of . £500,000 for the Women’s support group, Childhope UK turns out to be spending most of its £857,314 on the street girls of Bangladesh. .

Back in the UK from “ Children in Need”, there are the sillies of course £59,000 for Women-zone Community Centre Bradford that provides and gym and steam room for local women.£12,481 went to “Women in Prison “ and organisation that campaign against the incarceration of female prisoners . Now that’s not a child is it ?

(Incidentally £56,123 went to the children’s legal centre which funds mischievous cases on behalf of children like Shabima Begum and her Jilbab crusade . In other words straight onto the pocket of Cherie Booth who represented her…A WOMAN who typically has operated behind the scenes.).

So it would appear that the old left / wimmin`s studies nexus is alive and well and plotting behind the innocent red nose. With the posh Cameroons being handed out power in return for the possession of breasts as well, the forces of feminine despotism are coming for us in a pincer movement.
Its like going back to the school playground. You think they are watching you admiringly playing football but when you turn your head quickly they are giggling and WHISPERING TO EACHOTHER .

What are they whispering ?
"Psssst lets get rid of the men entirely shhhhhhhh!"


David Allen said...

Great post, N!
I think you are onto something with regard to the Conservative candidate selection process. I agree that we needed more women MPs and more minority ethnic MPs. It is not credible that there weren't people around from these groups of the right calibre to fill these roles. Certainly, we shouldn't have quotas or rig shortlists, tho. But having more women and BMEs as candidates means that some other groups have to give up their place at the high table. Inevitably, that will mean white men. But which white men? The toffs have kept all their places and it has been the middle and lower-middle classes (Thatcher's children) who have been crowded out and who are now an endangered species on the candidates' list, and less represented in the parliamentary party than they have been for decades. This trend is even more exagerated in the higher echelons of the parliamentary party: just look at the 13 Old Etonians on our front bench! Oh, and when we look more closely at WHICH of the erstwhile 'under-represented' groups are making it thru, the picture becomes even clearer: all too often the new women candidates are the WAGs _ the wives and girlfriends of the toffs in charge and their mates. The minority ethnic too are disproportionately drawn from the ranks of the city mates of the same in-crowd. Who can imagine a Norman Tebbit or a Steve Norris landing a decent seat if they were starting out these days?

Newmania said...

ha ha david I seem to get all my ideas from you at the moment in the first place . It was your comments that lurked behind this whichis anot all intended especially seriously. Your point is an excellent oine that struck me at the time .

Its also seems somewhat symbolic of the internal politics of the Conservative Party

On your last point Nick Coen mentioned how hard it was to think of a Worrking classs intellectual of any sort nowadays

electro-kevin said...

Musn't forget that the Tories gave us our first woman PM and the Queen has 'ruled' over us for over 50 years.

The maddening issue is the refusal to admit that certain roles are better suited either sex and not always both. Also the feminisation of the school curriculum is an abomination.

Newmania said...

Yes the other thing I find diffcult Kev is that I really like the company of women and unless you agree with thme a lot they won`t talk to you.

I do think what you say is quite right though . Women Fire Fighters ....oh goody.

electro-kevin said...

Unless of course you're Sean Bean - shallow creatures, are women !

David Allen said...

E-K, it may console you that Sean Bean may be perfectly-formed but is definitely on the small side. About 10 years I got rather pissed on strawberry daiquiris at a bar in Muswell Hill (where he then lived) and fell off my stool. I clawed my way back up into a standing position by grabbing on to the chap (still) sitting on the bar stool next to mine. At this point I realised it was none other than Sean Bean, at which point I rather stupidly and rudely said: "ere, you're really little, aren't you?". Fortunately, he did not punch me. Check out "Sharpe" again: lots of low camera angles make him look rather loftier than he really is.

Anonymous said...

I agree...

Newmania said...

Oh David I have a book you would love by the superbly bitchy and brilliant William Golman. He wrote Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid but it is the projects that went wrong that are really interesting.

He is obsessed with the height of people Sylvester Stallone he says is teeny and he giggled ...great book

Newmania said...

I find women deep and intersting EK . Thats my story and I`m sticking to it !!

electro-kevin said...

Hung like an ox apparently, DA. :-(

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