Monday, March 19, 2007

Feeble Excuses Dept.

Oh dear oh dear , off we went yesterday to see some friends of my wife who are starting up a curry business. We were there for the free trial. Also present were Andy and his wife , Andy is hard Left Labour supporter an actor and a Spurs supporter .
Realising the imminent danger I was under strict spousal instructions not to get drunk and not to talk about Politics.
I managed that pretty well until as about the fourth large glass of wine when in walked another chap who was an international Aids worker. A verbal fracas ensued and I am deep in the dog house . Also being pie faced I did not write my blog which I have an idea for. Now I am busy with sordid commerce ...

In the meantime I look forward to being supplied with unflattering pictures of Justin Hinchcliffe the dynamic leader of Tottenham and Haringey Conservatives following his cruel publication of a friends least attractive moment. I am told that Justin is getting fatter by the day ,and in this excess he is clearly following the example of our beloved leader as mentioned in the new Book,” The Rise of the New Conservative “

I know I shouldn’t but I cannot help enjoying Cameron`s life of squierarchical privilege juxtaposed with his futile attempts to look like and ordinary bloke .
Interesting that similar material about Tony Blair was suppressed for so many years isn’t it….

“David Cameron once flew on Concorde to the US to celebrate a class mates birthday. The Eton boys tucked into caviar Salmon and beef and a Master recalls the 11 year old Cameron toasting him with a glass of Dom Perignon’69 saying “ Good health Sir “

Dragged himself up by his bootstraps didn`t he . No wonder he understands the fears of the aspirational working class and the lowermiddle-class so well ..

Anyway a stream of consciousness load of waffle is currently coalescing into monstrous form in my fevered mind that I will get to later today


nick drew said...

we wait with trembling anticipation

it had better be good!

David Allen said...

I'm 42 and still waiting for my first glass of Dom perignon! (Although Billecart Salmon do a rather nice non-vintage rose)
I would love to have heard your exchange with the international AIDS worker _ were you horribly unreconstructed?

Anonymous said...

No link to Moi? Hunter needs all the traffic he can get! David Allen appears to have had a tough upbringing; I first had my first bottle of Dom Perignon when I was 15! As DA has very few pictures of me and now I'm in the process of joining a gym, I think you'll all be pretty disappointed. Off to lunch now (Claridges, of course!)

Newmania said...

Can`t do links Just. they took that away, sorry I would love to .

David he said " Well I`ve been there and seen whats going on "

I said "You can stare at a C--nt all day but you won`t become a gynecologist "

at that point i got my coat

Ms Smack said...

But really who would like to look at a cunt all day?

Oh yes, thats right. All the miserable married women out there....

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