Thursday, March 29, 2007

Been Rumbled

In the New-Statesman today they blithely call the Labour Constituency an alliance between the old Labour activists and the Middle England Public Sector. In other words the parasites against the tax payers. Well ok that is a generalisation about the Public sector but you know what I mean .
Yesterday I was “appraised “ by my employers , and ( amongst many glowing personal tributes) I was found to be spending to much of the companies time on the internet for my own personal use . New fascistic monitoring procedures are due to crunch down like the jack boot of a Nazi on the head if a freezing Pole insurgent,( who has held out in the woods flitting form shadow to shadow for months ). So blogging will have to relegated to lunchtimes and my own time . Yeeeesh !!!
Its like dying .
So I will have to deal with the Milliband challenge and the scum bags that have our people later. In the meantime a bit of light hearted nonsense. , T -Boy was being his usual apologist for the Broon Stalinist state yesterday and I mentioned how I would like to go is the bastards came for me....see next post


electro-kevin said...

I did wonder where you'd been fitting in time to make a living, N.

What insurance company do you work for ? I must avoid it.

Newmania said...

Mmmm well I do do this very quickly kev but still ...I need to get my head down.

( I don`t get a lot of sleep though)

CityUnslicker said...

You may have noticed my change too N. All posting to be done in the evenings now.

POsting to any blog on work equipment has become overnight a sackable offence!

Even at lunchtimes...

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