Monday, March 26, 2007

Appeasement and its Myths

Well the provocative and annoying , Tory Boys Should Grow Up is here making a nuisance of himself.
This is the last word …by me . I wonder if he’ll be back . Doubt it .

TBSGU-If you think anyone on the Left could respect such clap trap you are really living in cloud cuckoo land. And we all have a duty not to remain silent in response.

NEWMANIA- You pontificating child , do you really talk like that in real life …you must be a laughing stock ?. If you are going to pretend that you occupy some academic promontory then you are a tragically deluded a faintly pathetic little man. What left ? A mish mash of self serving a loosely connected whines. You stand for noone and you are ,“ verging” on the traitorous “..

TBSGU- yes there are Moslem nutters, just as there are Christian nutters,

NEWMANIA-No it is not the same . I daresay you could trawl say America and find some loon Christians but you suggestion of equivalence is wildly misleading to the point of being an outright lie. Your laughter is the laughter of Lord Haw Haw .36% of young Muslims believe that a Muslim that converts to another faith should be punished by death and 15% openly admit that they admire Al Qaeda ,as per Policy exchange.45 % of British Muslims believe that 9.11 was an Israeli/ American conspiracy. As many as 100,000 British Muslims believe that the 7.7 atrocities were justified . That is Dame Eliza Manningham Buller ..heard of her ?
No other ethnic group has ever demanded the replacement of law with their own.
Can I assume that you aware of the some of remarks coming from high profile clerics in this country…for example “Jews are kuffarrs , women have insufficient intellect and gays should be thrown from the mountain…said Abu Usamah“…can’t think of a Christian equivalent here and I can quote you many more far far worse some of them from a couple of hundred yards from where I sit.
We have been lied to about immigration time and time again, recently over the EU influx ,but on along term and deliberate basis on the sub continent and African influx which is a lot harder to assimilate. Arch Bishop Sematu criticised the BBC for being afraid to criticise Muslims . Is he a racist to ? Our local Paper is certainly afraid to criticise the Finsbury Park Mosque . Do you have such a Mosque next door . Are you aware of its history , there hasn’t been a cache of guns found for a few years but the same people go there. Is Trevor Phillips a racist? Even he has worried about the extent of immigration . Every DAY 1500 come and 1000 leave in what has been called white flight ( George Walden).Bishop Nazir Ali claimed that Muslim cleric coming from abroad were indoctrinating children …is he a racist.
Why are ethnic Racial attacks in London are increasing to and the biggest sufferers are the Jews . The one race the left hate and do not include in their “pity”
Did you know that in half the known racially motivated murders between 1995 and 2004 the victim was white . Is this what you hear from the media . No because we are lied to, Immigrants are shunted up the housing list because they have more children and more need- fact. The people that applaud this are never the same people who are unable to get a house. Are you on a housing list ? I thought not
The people who so enjoy our lovely multicultural country never ever ever send their children to schools failing utterly to cope with the 8 languages that are spoken there that are already under the most social pressure in the first place . Dianne Abbot sent her children to public school despite the glare of publicity because they are black She is typical of the hypocrisy . Where are you sending your children to school . The human dump up the road from me . I think not .
Nick Cohen , who you say you like but seems to have left your side mentioned that the BBC will have far right groups as baddies , Christian fundamentalists as baddies but never the real enemies of the country in case it offends them.

TBSGU“here is something between attacking extremist factions within Islam and attacking the whole religion as you appear to be doing”

NEWMANIA-Really when the BMC went to the British government and threatened us with more bombing unless our foreign policy is to their liking ? This is an excuse for your vacillation cowardice and cant, now all the more querulous as your views look like those of a dim sixth from debater for the 1970s

TBSGU-order to deal with fascists like Saddam it is best not to conflate such action with an attack on an entire relgion. There are very serious problems in Iran and Sudan at the moment - and my guess is that the bad guys /…

NEWMANIA… Appeasement will you never learn ! Did you support the war do you now , yes or no ?

TBSGUor keeping a safe distance from multiculturalism I must ask my East European friends and black relatives. Most of your comments in this area are just plain ignorant and verging on racism.

NEWMANIA-Oh aren’t you please with your black relatives I `m so impressed. How generous of you ! .Odd how my ignorance seems to encompass a far greater knowledge of the subject than your …whatever it is . Do you have any idea how funny this sort of thing is. We already know you are pleased with yourself . Further evidence is not required

TBSGU- These are serious issues which need to be dealt with seriously - …

NEW MANIA -Oh please learn to speak and stop tacking together slabs of cliché. .

TRSGU-overstating the costs of asylum seekers (i.e lying) as a means of creating fear and winning a few votes is never justifiable - but you seem unable to say that it is wrong.

NEWMANIA-The annual bill for failed asylum seekers by the way is about £40,000,000 there are about 6000 …a very minor part of the equation but you brought it up

TBSGU- ivolvement of religion in British Socialism - best to stay silent about subjects of which you know little -

NEW MANIA -Yes good idea . You can have the history of the Labour Party and I will have everything else that there is (although I know a fair bit about the Labour Party actually). I take it you are now going to shut up unless requested for the details of Kier Hardies tailor .
I do not in any case accept that case Christianity and Socialism were obviously contemporaries that it is meaningful to say it is a progenitor of socialism. There were as many Christian Conservatives and non conformism was more important in Liberalism in the 19th century certainly . There are also many early socialist group that are anti clerical in a way you would not see in the other parties . Harold Wilson was seeking to minimise the continental Marxist element at a time when many of his close colleagues had been communists and the of left wing academia was still ( absurdly ) supportive of Russia and pro unilateral disarmament. That is why he wanted to misleadingly domesticate what is at heart Marxism , not Christianity.
This was the context of the quote you used ,and if you are honest and know anything about it you will know that I am right about his motivation Christianity was ubiquitous in our culture .Thats all

TBSGU-Could I suggest that you try and speak to real normal Moslems

Normal Muslims like the one quoted above , like all of the 7.7 bombers whose families were “unaware “ of their involvement .” Normal Muslims all over London that deny 7.7 ever happened.
I `m sure they open up to you though.! There are some moderate Muslims and they are useful idiots for the large minority of those that hate this country and the tacitly approving majority. They are often Lords or academics and understand less than anyone of their religion-Can I suggest you get out of what can only be your disappearing small social circle and start to question your puerile presumption that you know better than anyone else.

The effect is comic ,which is as kind as I can be under the circumstances. Your respect would concern me if anything .It is worth nothing , if that .The 'left" is dying . That’s why you are here .State control has failed and that is why you are left with your hatred of the white working class and the country. You call this being "nice"
Blimey that was fun ...I think I`ll post it.

( and indeed I have done )


kris said...


At best, I think you are an obnoxious tw@t. But it is refreshing to see someone on the receiving end of the claptrap I get for having the temerity to criticise the "Muslim" community for their lack of interest in the hijacking of their religion by thugs.

It's a bit of the emperor's new clothes.

Newmania said...

Have we met ?

Anonymous said...

Which bit of the Emperors New clothes is it? I hope its not the knickers as they are becoming something of a theme on my Blog, and I would not like us both obsessing at the same time! It is obvious that Kris has not met you Mr Newman -or he would know what a nice fellow you are!

Newmania said...

Sometimes I`m nice and solmetimes I`m nasty Mutley.....but I have a pure soul

David Allen said...

Newmania never takes it lying down!

Newmania said...

Allen takes it however he can get it

electro-kevin said...

Some good points there, Newmania. Don't you think it's a good thing to have a variety of opinion here though ?

I feel that the proposed Mosque is just going to be too big. A giant willy in the face of conservatism.

Newmania said...

EK-Yes I think a variety of opinion is a good thing but the left tend to be like religious folk calling at the door . they are not there to listen to you, they are there to enlighten you.

Tory Boys is actually quite good fun but horroibly worng about almost everything . Ellee is good at including everyone but i can`t be an Ellee and politics isn`t like that

Roger Thornhill said...

I'm not one for appeasement.

I put it down to the self-loathers.

p.s. NeueArbeit Macht Frei is the ironic title of my (other) blog : "New Labour Creates Freedom", as in, "No, it is a cynical lie by sociofascists".

David Allen said...

N, London Lite this evening uncritically recycles a press release from Shelter about the kids it is using (exploiting?) in its current tube advertising campaign to promote the building of an extra 5,330 'affordable' homes each year IN EXCESS of the current sky-high tagrgets. It seems to back up your claim that people have more kids to get higher up the housing ladder _ or at least continue to have children without regard for whether they can provide a suitable home for them. Both children cited have been born SINCE their parent(s) applied for a larger property. One lives with his mother and 4 siblings (no mention is made of the whereabouts of the father or fathers of these children and why they are not supporting them) in a two bedroomed flat _ the family has been waiting 11 years for a larger home. At least 1 of these children was born in the last 11 years _ probably others too. Is contraception only meant for middle class people and/ or taxpayers? Why should I struggle to pay the mortgage on a one-bedroomed flat (denied access to the affordable housing gravy train because I work for a living) whilst others, who already live in larger properties thna me (at my expense) can demand even larger homes simply by virtue of continuing unprotected sex?

Newmania said...

Well I think thats right David and so when the BNP complain about new migrants in effect out breeding them into the housing I have a pretty sardonic attitude . This si exactly where a lot of the BNO support comes from which shows how socialist it is .
That is , for me the core of all the problems , it defeats aspiration , socila responsibility it is a huge tax on work , marriage and every sort of good behaviour .

In short insanity. Terrific post as ever

Newmania said...

Roger you bare obviously a little to intellectual, for me. You join a vast and merry throng there. New "Labour " of course.

I`ll, have a look at that...

tory boys never grow up said...

Ha Ha Ha what a laugh - can I suggest that you don't write your application for the Tory Z list at 3 o'clock in the morning (fuelled by drink probably).

Your technique of breaking evrything down into small particles which are then easier to critique because everything is taken out of context leaves a lot to be desired. Your other practice of taking peoples quotes of context in support of your own argument is even worse. If you think that Nick Cohen, Trevor Phillips, George Walden, Archbishop Sentamu, Bishop Nazir Ali and Dame Eliza Manningham Buller would support your crusade against Islam, or the tone you adopt, you are very deluded.

This whole argument started because you wanted to stop a mosque being built and you claimed that it was being funded by public money (a claim which you yet have to support). Building a mosque is not a sensible basis for an attack on Islam - building mosques is what both good and bad Moslems do.

I agree that there are Islamist extremists in the world and this country - and they do need to be dealt with - but the best way is do so by taking on the people concerned directly and efficiently. If you want the entire Moslem community to swing behind Islamists then I suspect campigning to stop mosques and making unfounded allegation against Islam and Moslems as a whole is not going to work. Despite your assertions there are plenty of Moslems who do not support the Islamists but if you think that campaigning against mosques and using emotive language will bring them onside, or even reduce their support for Islamists you really have little idea. Of course we could result to a general crusade against the whole of Islam - but it was tried in the Middle Ages and failed then.

I have no problems in attacking racism and prejudice in any form (and you are absolutely right that some (many even) on the left are not even handed in their criticism - but the criticism has to be even handed and measured (yours isn't) - two wrongs dont make a right.

By the way - I never tried to say that socialists had a monopoly on Christianity or similar - they don't only that there was a strong Christian strand within the Party. I'm concerned about the rising level of anti-semitism - I have friends who were victims about two years ago - but I'm afraid they wouldn't share your viewpoint. I did support the war in Iraq (and in Kosovo and Serbia - and it is to our shame that we didn't act sooner to help the Bosnians) and I haven't changed my mind - but I have my doubts whether we could ever have achieved much more than getting rid of Saddam, but i'd want to understand what sensible Iraqis want before first before reaching any decision. I do think that something should be done about the scandals in Sudan, Zimbabwe and Burma (for starters) - the difficulty is to solve the problems - and military force (especially from the US or UK) would probably not work and make the problems are worst - but I am sick of some who seems to think that this means you just sit on your hands and do nothing. I'm no fan whatsover of the Lib Dems - I can also remember the homophobic campign Simon Hughes ran against Peter Tatchell and how their messages change for different audiences. If you want to assume all on the Left are the same please do - but it ain't true and your generalisations don't work.

I don't think I'm appeasing anyone just because I want to be selective in my targets. By the way the Tory/Daily Mail track record on appeasement leaves a little to be desired.

Ps Please don't claim Nick Cohen/Cristopher Hitchens/George Orwell for the right - you can have George Galloway (in fact your rhetorical syles are so similar how about calling yourself the Tory George Galloway!)

CityUnslicker said...

Well I am with Newmain. We need to wake up to the threat we face. TBNGU, youe make some good points, but they miss the big picture. You can't just ignore the horror contained within militant islam and say discussing it will only make it worse. How does that solve anything?

Also why should we stand by and let the whole culture of our country be invaded by an alien religous culture and not speak out. I don;t want to live in a Sharia state and I don;t belive in multi-cultrualism and all its terrible faults. The French way of assimilation is much better.

Allowing Muslims in the UK to grow and develop their culture at an exponential rate is to destroy our own society. But then that is what the left always wants so thet 'the proletariat' can rise up and rule!

Go try that in Tehran.

Newmania said...

Yes CU I enjoyed TBSGU response which was a fig leaf lovingly applied to an abject surrender really but game .The quotes were all in context by the way. Having nothing to offer yourself TBSGU we can only guess at your own sensitive handling of material

I agree with you. CU

I do not believe in multiculturalism I believe in mono culturalism and a degree of tolerance within that firm position. I also dislike cultural relativism and do not suffer from its errors. The problem the left have is this . They have abandoned social and economic policy , because the now aspiring working class do not want them , the system does not work and it is no longer intellectually respectable . This last problem is far worse for them than it would be for us . This leaves them with identity politics .Incidentally this is why the left cannot wait to leave problems like housing and fly off to solve “ Africa”
Now they have nothing in the locker except attitudes to gays minorities and so on they are obliged to cling to this “tolerance ” in the face of all reason. Once they would have said that they supported the working man and fought to end his exploitation at the hands of greedy Capitalists. Now he is a racist homophobe harbouring unsavoury patriotic notions and socially conservative instincts that they despise. Often their politics are themselves ,class markers assiduously cultivated for entry to the BBC and other ruling elites but even those who are not actually cockroaches have a problem.

Abandoned by the working classes and without any belief they have to claim that is some way they are “Good” and demonstrate this by seeking victims anew or sympathising pathologically with criminals enemies and so on.. They have to find a way to be more “Good “ about Islam because that is all they have as a reason to exist at all. The Conservative Party appeals timelessly to the country , the family social order and individual freedom. Most of all the left cannot understand love of country. After a century of their ascendancy we have nothing left to deal with a but a few lost posturing Liberals . The future looks rosy .

TBSGU is far from the only one to redefine his left wingery almost to disappearing point . There are a few in the Parliamentary Labour Party that could easily be on our side and just fell in with a bad lot .Frank Field for example.

Roger Thornhill said...

On Dave Allen's issue on housing.

One policy I have long held is that those on benefits should not have an increase in benefits (money, housing, tac credits etc) if they increase the size of their family, including from zero to 1.

Thus a person living on 'jobseekers' living at home who pops a sprog will get...jobseekers. No flat. No extra money. Who will pay for the kid? Er, the grandma, praps?

"OH the children!" people wail.

"Oh, MY Children!" I wail as I am forced to forego for them because I am forced to support those of hostile strangers.

tory boys never grow up said...

Perhaps you should have a look at the Euston manifesto website before you say the left has defined itself away to nothing - I agree with nearly all of it. Perhaps you may want to try out your views there?? Of course one way of avoiding the arguments is to pretend they don't exist - I'm afraid there is an alternative and there always has been despite what Mrs T said.

Re patriotism - it is quite possible to on the left and be a patriot - George Orwell probably explained this best in the Lion and Unicorn.

Re not misquoting peoples views -

Bishop Nazir Ali also said

"The cultural heritage of people who come here must be respected. They should be able to take pride in their language, literature, art and spiritual background" Haven't seen much of that in your arguments. The Bishop's full article can be seen at

Perhaps you might also want to reflect that British "culture" has drawn an awful lot from its past immigrants - and that a wholesale rejection of what Moslem immigrants may have to offer may go against British "culture"

As for abandoning the working class etc. - complete and utter bollocks is probably the best response - I've tried reason it doesn't work here.

As for the Conservatives appealing timelessly to the country - I presume you are excluding appeasement of Hitler in the 1930s from that time period?

CityUnslicker - the French do assimilation better?? - Le Pen, the riots every summer for the past 3 years?

PS - don't stay up late responding to this - your wife must have the tolerance of a saint.

Newmania said...

Oh, MY Children!" I wail as I am forced to forego for them because I am forced to support those of hostile strangers.

Quite Roger . Large tracts of the country are literlally not reproducing themselves due the the twin presssurres of housing and taxation while they support others who do . This is a dangerous brew and I cannsee more serious trouble ahead.

I have the figure somewhere and they are frighteneing

Newmania said...

Euston manifesto what is that? George Orwell would certainly not have been anything to do with the Liberal apoligists and victim hunters of the left now .
Engsoc ? Animal farm ? Your on your own there TB he changed his views as he went along as did many at that time
Socialists certainly can be patriotic in a "National Socialist" way but that is rather a different thing concerned with the protection of state resources .In fact Socialist states have been especially aggressive.

This has nothing to do with love of country that is alien obviously to Marxism and positively spat on the the Liberals . You would not dare claim to such a thing you find it unrespectable .

British Culture ? I wonder what you are talking about ? Music Poetry our institutions..I doubt you know much about the arts .The country is open to influence but not cultural invasion .

Reason works fine for me TB . It was the Conservative Instincts of the nation that served it during the war ie attachment to the country and the tribe .The left got the Nazis right but mostly in support of the Soviet Union.They got that wrong all century and still do. The left produced the traitors

Complete and utter bollocks is it TB ?Well ...I suspect you are confusing the benfit collecting class with the working class. Sure Start , with family and Multiculturalism with driving the white working class out of their communities and so on and so on.70 and even 90 % marginal rates of tax at the lower end . You forg ot the "Working " part . ...and doin`t be a cunt. Beam !

Frank Field Predicted it and so it has comes to pass .

Worry not TB it only takes a few mins to deal with you.

I may have a look at this nest or treachery you mention some time .

Newmania said...

T- Boy I cannot find anywhere to comment on your Euston thing which looks to me to need a little help to avoid " Cure for Insomnia "status

If you guive me a,link I will happily go and tell them what alot of auto erotic dinosaurs they are . Sounds like fun

Newmania said...

T- Boy I cannot find anywhere to comment on your Euston thing which looks to me to need a little help to avoid " Cure for Insomnia "status

If you guive me a,link I will happily go and tell them what alot of auto erotic dinosaurs they are . Sounds like fun

tory boys never grow up said...

I'm not the one trying to define "culture" - I actually think that it is pretty difficult/impossible to do (but I'm not ignorant of the arts, as you may think). You however see to have no problems - perhaps you could explain what is in this "monoculture" you are looking to create - it would also be interesting to hear what is within your moderate tolerance limits.

When sensible people attack "multiculturalism" they are usually defining a state of affairs that is allowing ghettoes to form and is stopping integration - I suspect that they are not looking for "monoculture in the way that you define it.

Before you pontificate on Orwell can I suggest you read him a bit deeper - whatever you might think he never ended up on the Right politically - look at his latter journalism and his many biographies if you don't believe me. Christopher Hitchen's fairly recent book on Orwell is very good.

Yes I do love my country and I always have and will - but that is not the same as thinking it to be naturally superior and always in the right - in fact our tolerance and ability to learn from others are among our virtues. I love my kids but it doesn't mean thay are always right or don't have faults.

As for the rewriting of history the less said the better - but you might want to look at the result of the 1945 General Election to see what people felt at the time.

BTW - I'll thing that you'll find the impact of working tax credits has been to reduce marginal tax rates from what they were under your lot - in many cases they were well in excess of 100% - 70 to 90% may not be perfect but it is an improvement. Go and check the facts.

Newmania said...

Orwell . ..I was thinking of Eng Soc standing for English Socialism as it appeared in 1984 . Also the complaint about the state and its totalitarian possibilities as recommended by the left and the allegory of Communism in Animal farm.
Read Roland Barthe there is an essay called “ The Author is Dead “( early structuralism) This deals with the difference between the expressive fact of a construct and what its author may say about it from time to time. The latter is irrelevamt. Orwell is certainly anti state and as the left are the party that constantly have sought to increase the power of the state it is anti left . Hence the evil Party is English Socialism . You may say that is not what he meant but that is because you have a superficial notion of what it is “To mean” . I think he would have much to say about the growth of surveillance ID cards political correctness and the micro management of our lives that has all been the Labour agenda as well as the replacement of the family by state crèches and the removal from their parents of children . I can see that that it would suit you if the Party were called English Fascism or Conservatism but it is not . 1984 The most directly political book is a polemic and call to resist state encroachment. That is part of what I do and what you are against and what the Labour party are also against..( I was at debate in which Christopher Hitchens was speaking tonight by coincidence ~). I wonder if would say anything so transparently glib as “ read his later journalism“. The left in academia ,by the way ,have been chipping at Orwells reputation ever since for reasons that are interesting but will not interest you I suspect.

Can I suggest that you try to get through a paragraph without using the phrase “can I suggest “,that is your umpteenth and it starts to sound like a form of verbal Toutrettes . What you say both on Multiculturalism and the country is best summarised by the apposite word “ Double -think”. You love the country in the sense that you see it as no different to others and have no special loyalty to it .

I have been pondering what you might have meant by the great benefits we have received in this country form foreign loans and the like .The left deride and sneer at what was, the cannon of English Literature . t Chaucer , Shakespeare , The Elizabethan Poets and the Met aphysicals Cavaliers and Milton and …on we go . I would say the great defining point was at about the 1590s when Shakespeare , Johnson , Donne . Now linguistically while you might have an argument that Chaucer is really writing in a French style , which I would dispute its awfully hard to make any similar case for the Elizabethan period which is also the period in which Modern English becomes recognisably what it is. Milton is certainly Latinate but there were no Romans around . Nonetheless if you want to claim that the fact of the Roman Empire had a lasting cultural significance no doubt you can . Pointless of course,. I struggle to make any sense of the remark and suppose it is one you have got away with amongst your chums who did degrees in Business or Madonna .
My view would have an impact on the teaching of history , British literature and the down grading of comically over praised commonwealth victim dirges to the minor status which is still more than they deserve. This destruction of the old certainties has been one of the ways that the working class have been excluded form the “ Intelligentsia “. Much of Liberal culture is in fact designed to do just this . The relegation of new cultures to the private sphere would be the road although how far down it to go is debatable

1945 ah yes that was when the left made some sense . I would have been in the Labour Party then and as mentioned all of my family were and were also committed trade Unionists . As you detailed knowledge of history will tell you the country soon changed its mind again but at all events if all you want is for state managed expenditure to be at the level it was in 1945 then I will happily go along with your bracing Libertarianism Salutations T Boy and welcome to the right way ahead. Goodness me you must think a little harder . Until Margaret Thatcher it was all Left one way or another.

Tax credits have been a disaster.. Your idea that the Labour Party has actually encouraged working is so surprising that I have not thought of it . Quite clearly it has not worked as we see for m the endless tracts of Islington in which no-one works ..hence the power of labour in the inner Citys. Glasgow has been another triumph and this client paid for vote sump will be sadly missed when the Scots depart and there can never again be a Labour government in this country . (A cross we will all have to bear with fortitude ). I see the Lying Scotsman ( All aboard) has chucked another billion at it despite the universal agreement that it has been incompetently administered by a floundering bloated civil servants and failed to reach its intended recipients . I am curious at your counter intuitive assertion which I can quickly check into but it is all in any case dwarfed by the development of the housing market and the maintenance of destructive infantilising housing policy. People with their own house and in come do not vote Labour . This is why the Party has such a visceral loathing for Leaseholders who they punish through criminal service charging . Do independent people with dignity need you to organise their lives. With the usual blithe and unexamined arrogance you feel they do .

What is it you want T Boy? Higher taxes more state control more surveillance less freedom to choose continued erosion of the English culture and unreformed services to continue to fail whilst ever more of our money is removed to achieve little . Growth ceasing , it already trails every other English speaking country inflation at 4.6% and unemployment subsumed into endemic contract uncertainty. The continued erosion if the family the continued self flagellation inflicted on us by the vile state kiss arse BBC. The growth of stealth tax to deny information, the conveyor belt of social outcasts from single patent benefits basket case estates . The absence of moral confidence in dealing with crime and .The inability of aspiring workers to have any effect on their income and the impossibility of running any small to medium sized business awash with soviet style forms . You actually like all this . You look at it and congratulate yourself ? I fear I shall never understand you and your antiquated insanity.

Jesus now whole this clearly takes me a lot less long than you imagine it is nonetheless to long. I have a living to make T Boy and sordid trade calls. Incidentally just to make your day. I support of the death penalty want us out of Europe and have fuck all interest in “ The Enviroment “.

I think even the Z list may be beyond me .

kris said...


Yes we have met, over at Rachel North's blog.

I'm the one of the ones stomping on your dick everytime you indulge in a purile personal attack on her rather than responding to the substance of what she has written.

I agree with you in islamo-nutjobs, but that's as far as it will go with us.


Newmania said...

stomping on your dick ?
Bit camp isn`t it Kis ? Keep your our homoerotic cravings for your "Best girlfriend " old fatty rachel.

You will be pleased to hear that whatever passing interest I had in the sheer clammy preening ghastliness of the trite floaty dress wearing " Friend to Victims everywhere"..has gone .

I think I am banned from her blog anyway for looking at her funny ! arf arf.

Hang on hoo hoooI `m so upset boo hoo...etc...yawn

kris said...


Yeah, I'm going to go sob in my pillow now!

What a joke!

kris said...

Hey Newman

Next time I'm at the Arsenal, I'll sing this especially for you!

You know the words...."You're shite and you know you are, you're shite and you know you are....."

Newmania said...

You an Arsenal fan kris ?I live round the corner from the ground now ( it moved to me ).Been a couple of times this year....

Actually I`m off football at the moment. Why did I ever complain about Sven...

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