Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Who`s that Girl

This nasty looking piece of work is all over the place . Two brilliant posts by Dizzy and Guidot ( proper Bloggers ...ahem) that I am bringing to a smaller audience.

According to the Health Minister, Andy Burnham, the NHS consultation "Your health, your care, your say" which closed in November 2005 had a total bill to the taxpayer of £1.39 million out of the department's running cost budget.

Of that money, 75%, or £1.05 million went to Opinion Leader Research. That is the same Opinion Leader Research headed by long standing Labour Party consultant, member of the Smith Institute, and friend to Gordon Brown, Deborah Mattinson.

Given that the NHS running cost budget is ultimately in the hands of the Treasury it makes sense to square the circle

The Brownite response, today's Guardian reports on a survey of a hundred "opinion leaders" which shows Gordon outperforming Dave on a whole range of indicators - scoring a modest 92% on integrity.

Who conducted this highly scientific "survey"? None other than Opinion Leader Research run by Deborah Mattinson, the long time Labour Party consultant who is now Gordon Brown's unofficial pollster and sits on the advisory committee of the Smith Institute - alongside the veteran U.S. pollster Bob Shrum. It was Shrum's anti-Cameron advice to the Sith that forced the Charity Commission's official investigation.

( This survey appeared in the Sun duly that day and I have seen nothing about its appalling provenance , by the way you would be amazed how little it costs to get marketing material into the Sun`s news. I know people who can do it for you)

Deborah Mattinson

In 1992, she co founded research agency, Opinion Leader Research to specialise in research and consultation amongst opinion formers, with clients including Accenture, BBC, BT, the Environment Agency, Esso, GlaxoSmithKline, Department of Health, DfES and the South Bank Centre. OLR led the development of public involvement methods such as Citizens’ Juries and Citizens' Forums. She is joint Chair and Chief Executive.

Yes yes yes but who does she know ? This reeks of cronyism and when you think of the rate at which the NHS is wasting money its rather sweet that she crops up there.
I `m just a dull plodder and not snooper and finder like the two mentioned above . Croydonian has a bit more from Hansard but there has to be a key here , someone she knows , a relative? How did her company get hooked in with all that lovely labour Party, and Public money . I have a feeling we are going to be reading about her

Oh it hardly need saying that I`m only following the big beasts of the Jungle like a cowardly hyenah YIP YIP YIP


Anonymous said...

I am wasting my time watching Eastenders, when I could be doing important stuff like this...

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Cronyism, well obviously.
Tony picked much of his first cabinet from his old chambers, so this is par for the course.

Newmania said...

when I could be doing important stuff like this...

Poo face ,its vital, VITAL I tell you!

electro-kevin said...

Red head ...

I forgive her EVERYTHING !

Newmania said...

Kev you have to acquire depth. Its the only way to have sex with women quickly and without paying for Dinner

( Looks solemn)

SimonW said...

she's not a natural red head!

electro-kevin said...

Sounds like someone who knows !

David Allen said...

Good grief, newmania! You create a serious post and then promptly lower your own tone! (Isn't that what The Hitch is for?) You should be talking about this woman's CRONYISM _ not her collars and cuffs! (btw, I prefer mine VERY well starched).

electro-kevin said...

Of course David Allen is right.

There is nothing more pernicious than cronyism, especially when it comes to the NHS.

Opinion Leader Research sounds Orwellian doesn't it ?

What is this person's trade - Professional 'spinning' ?

Dizzy & Guidot ought to be praised. It's as though people like these are putting the brakes on our slide into banana republicanism.

(Do educate me if my assessment is wrong.)

Anonymous said...

It's sad when the bloggers are doing what the newspapers should be doing.

Newmania said...

Dizzy & Guidot ought to be praised. It's

I thought they were both doing especially fine work on this Kev.I agree

electro-kevin said...

Further to what Anon said at 7.05

"It's a sad day when the bloggers are doing what the journalists are doing."

I would add, it's a sad day when the newspapers are doing what the opposition party should be doing.
(most notably the Mail group and one Peter Hitchens)

Unfortunately when the Tories ceded power they were left hobbled by their own sleeze which was not a patch on this shower of institutionally corrupt slime - get yer boots on you Conservatives.

Newmania said...

I dion1t think its always helpful for ther main party line to be associated with vicious in fighting Kev i was trying to talk about this in the rcent Policasl Language thingy I did

electro-kevin said...

I know more about the problems since I've been in dialogue with you N, but in the meantime, the Country ...

Newmania said...

I know fuck all Kev the whole point of what I`m trying to do is that everyone is important not just a few obsessives.

Its just tricks , smoke and mirrors

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