Thursday, February 08, 2007

Millipede on Questiontime

I think Mrs . N summed it up
"God he`s so slimy he`s going to slip of that chair in a minute"


.."..Cameron`s just the same..."she continued

Oh dear

Forsyth was very good and I`d forgotten how impressive Ken Clarke still is.
Incidentally the millipede "gaff"( Gordon Brown will be just as unpopular as Blair a year from now ), was a throw away remark the limited meaning of which was entirely clear.It was his ghastly espousal of an enviromental quasi-case he clearly knows little about that was the most well lubricated contribution.


istanbultory said...

What do you expect from DM? After all, Miliband is the chap who aims to undermine public opposition to the EU... by re-branding it the "Environmental Union".

Newmania said...

That is exactly the orafice from which I noticed the slime flowing IT. Its all such a lie and a deliberate attempt to confuse the public .
I have found muself that the more one discovers about the EU the less I like it and I am by no means a turn the clock back kind of You Kipper.
I think the arguemnent for getting out is sound and the arguements agasit it are overblown. Miring the whole thing in a spurious enviromental debate is infuriating.

Arthurian Legend said...

What with Millipede, Hughes and some woman from Respect, it was fairly easy pickings from the Question Time tree of stupidity last night...

Newmania said...

Nice to see you AK yes she was getting on my nerves like the dentists drill does.

CityUnslicker said...

Quite a good point. Typical of a Beeb man to pick upon a fairly innocuous statement, the meanig of which was entirely clear.

Meanwhile no intellectual challenge to the many inconsistent and plain wrong statements he made on policy.

Is this what neutrality busy us? It is not worth the tax.

jaq said...

I'm sorry N but I'm with Mrs N. She is obviously an intelligent woman with excellent taste. Freddy Forsyth was good wasn't he? Hmnnnnn :-)

electro-kevin said...

Agree with jaq entirely I'm afraid. These blokes are like clones of each other.

electro-kevin said...

And here's the evidence...

I've managed to get hold of a picture of Tony Blair circa 1997, and an up-to-date one of David Cameron. See if you can spot the difference, because I'll be buggered if I can:

Tony Blair 1997 :-)

David Cameron now :-)

Now that's spooky don't ya fink ??

I'm voting UKIP

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