Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Master Plan

OK , as of now ,this is the plan. I am going to do one or two longer pieces per week (boo) and in between fill in with short lighthearted stuff( Hoorah), if I can be bothered.
This will leave me time for commenting on other peoples blogs which I like to do.
The blogs I have linked to , all of which I really like ,contain many superb daily political posters, and I cannot see the point of another similiar one.

Thats the Plan.I know there will be many who will be desperately disappointed not to see more glutinous diatribes about the state of the nation but with luck I might have something original to say once or twice a week. Even that sounds like a tall order to me

Thanks for the comments recently.


CityUnslicker said...

Rule One - plans never survive first contact with the enemy.

On another note, I find blogging unpredictable in that my considered, re-written and researched posts always less read and commented upon than my silly, off the cuff ones. That's life!

Newmania said...

I know excatly what you mean CU , I remember doing my degree( a loooooooong time ago) and that anti -rule worked perfectly for that.

Maybe its because if you know less you say what you have to say simply

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