Thursday, February 08, 2007


If anyone ,like me, feels a few more quids wouldn`t go amiss try this for size.If Bill gates put his fortune in dollar Bills under his mattress and fell off, it would take him 6 1/2 minutes to hit the ground....

(Aha I didn`t know I could post from work,future titbits may follow)


electro-kevin said...

Why bother - I think I could make him hit the ground in a lot less time than that !

(do tell if I'm going overboard on the submissions NM)

Newmania said...

You submit as much as you like K in fact all your things are very good and I appreciate your effort .
I don`t know of you are new to this world but if you are why not have a look around. I `m only an occassional blogger and submit to other peoples a fair bit.

I like all the ones I have on my blog roll obviously.

Anyway rest assurred I`m happy to see anything you have to say . I was thinking I would do once a week article and bits and bobs during the week

I absolutely have to put more effort into earning a living anyway . Crap isn`t it

electro-kevin said...

Thanks, I work off other people best, so I hope people keep writing here.

I'm not sure I can be arsed to look around loads of blogs though.

I like: Peter Hitchens, this and Fortean Times.

I did contribute to a karate web-site but they absolutely hated my humour. Stuff 'em.

CityUnslicker said...

Newmania I no longer belive you work. You comment far too frequently and in depth. I think Mrs newmania is stuck working 3 8 hour shifts a day whilst you crouch in front of the benighted screen.

Careful posting at work, it ia very distracting! keep it to lunch hours..

Croydonian said...

Did you get that from the Bill Gates Net Worth page? A source of much amusement..

istanbultory said...

Electro-kev, Peter Hitchens is a national treasure isn't he? The Arts Council should be giving him a grant so he could properly devote himself to his craft. I spend far much time over at his place but it is strangely addictive. As for the links, best not opened at the office

Newmania said...

CU sollemn promises to self are being made.This whole thing has to be cut right back.

electro-kevin said...

I get the impression that Peter Hitchens thinks I'm a pinko-homo, my fault entirely as I keep diverting to rubber, nipple chains and various other erotica ... also Pot Noodles which I find are very good, especially when you eat them.

Also I would hate to lower the tone of his blog.

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