Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What tax would you cut ?

Somebody asked which taxes you would reduce , I had a few quick thoughts and suddenly its all so clear…………..

Well what a marvellous suggestion this is .

1 Corporation tax I must urgently be reduced as I think even the lobotomised left accept
2 The tax allowance must be raised
3 VAT should immediately be scrapped on all goods with a proven green effect . This would have a massive knock on result for the placement of resources and research into efficiency . Similarly tax breaks should be available for green cars and UK holidays .(Actually labour want to tax UK holidays by adding a surcharge on B and Bs )
(Beneath this green dressing the secret agenda would be to scrap VAT altogether it is a vicious regressive tax we were ,until fairly recently, better off without )

4 Tax allowances for exam results payable to parents .
5 Scrap Stamp duty there is no reason for it whatsoever
6 Scrap inheritance tax or at least tie it to house prices ..obviously
7 Scrap IPT .
8 Return tax benefits to dividends in pension funds ,,obviously

........And so on , a series of virtuous tax advantages by which happy means we also reduce the size of the state encouraging better behaviours and responsibility. This would be paid for by the slow dismantling of the benefits system , the selective introduction of privatisation, less waste , greater tax yield and better growth..

Cut the state away slice out the tumour of dependency the country needs surgery


Anonymous said...

Here's a link to Steve Hilton's control freaked diary - in the Guardian - which says we might decide to do away with tax...presumaby that's when he is PM?

Have your sick bag handy,,1886551,00.html

Anonymous said...

Link doesn't work for some reason, so here's part of Steve's Conference Diary

Today, I'm mostly thinking about tax.

Contrary to what you might have been led to believe, Dave and I spend a lot of time talking about tax: what it means, whether it's the right thing for the new Conservatives, or whether we need to rethink the whole concept for the 21st century.

I mean, what if we didn't pay tax? Imagine a world without tax. What would that look like?

It could be a place where people gave freely of their time and income in ways that we haven't even dreamt of.

And the point I wanted to get across to George [Osborne] this morning was that tax is just like policy.

Everything's up for grabs now. Think of it as a green field, surrounded by trees, with a couple of organic cows sheltering in the corner.

We could put anything we liked there.

We haven't settled on our policies yet, so how can we say how much - even if - we'll tax?

It's like trying to say how much you'll spend furnishing a house when you haven't even built it.

I ran that thought meme by George in the Bournemouth McDonald's - We have to get Dave in there, by the way; he couldn't believe it when I told him they were selling organic milk and fairtrade coffee.

"But, Steve," he said. "It could just as well be the other way round.

"How do we know how much we can spend until we know what percentage of the GDP we're going to take?"

George, George, George, I told him, you've got to think outside the GDP; think global, think beyond the atmosphere.

Take Pluto. Who would have thought a few months ago that Pluto wasn't even a planet?

We thought we'd discovered it and it was always going to be hanging out on the edge of the solar system - and then we realised it shouldn't be there at all.

It's exactly the same with conventional wisdom about taxation.

He sipped his orange juice through a straw and furrowed his brow. I can tell I've got some work to do on George.

By the way, I'm a 120% believer in, but for some reason we are just not getting the quality of feedback I'm looking for.

Someone asked Dave if he would "set up a date to pulled out our troops in Irak".

It's not helpful. Meme memo: talk to Sam [Roake] about moderating comments.

· Steve Hilton was not talking to Ros Taylor.

And a another part:

The other thing, as Dave put it so well, is a problem like Boris. We brain-banged Boris last night and the meme memo I took away was that he's an asset we can't afford to lose. Let's face it, for every video of Boris, there's one fewer overpaid BBC pundit asking when we're going to cut taxes.

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