Saturday, November 04, 2006

Good Old Dick

I rather like the idea of a Dick Whittington theme to the Archway development . The consultative schemes , I have seen are , resolutely ugly and modernists , as you would expect , and this would be a welcome relief. Thanks for your efforts Councillor Stefan Kasprzyk .
I wonder what Richard Whittington (1350-1423 ) would make of Islington today . His tale in one of inspiring independent business enterprise . He arrived at Highgate Hill with nothing but a cat , as many still do , made a fortune and became three times, Lord Mayor of London . Like most celebrities, he ended up in “panto”, for what feels like centuries.
I `m not sure he would like the anti business dispensation of modern Islington. His licence to catch rats would be denied on ,“elfansafety”, grounds. His shop could not survive Islington’s draconian parking policy. Between completing endless council forms and paying flabbergasting local taxes , it is likely his domestic arrangements would suffer . Before long the social services would come to take tiddles. .
Richard Whittington was a real and generous man . His philanthropic will, still benefits disadvantaged Londoners today . By contrast The “Whittington” Hospital , with other London hospitals , profits to the tune of £12,000,000 per year, by taxing illness, through its extortionate parking charges. You can still make a fortune though . Bob Kiley the notably unsuccessful London transport commissioner ,was paid £1,000,000 in his years tenure .Perhaps Dick would have followed suit , become a government “rat “commissioner “ sat on his hands , and taken the money .
Don`t be such a kill joy Kate Calvert of Archway Forum , let us have our statue of Dick . Councillor Kasprzyk might like to consider why, today ,ghostly imprecations to ,“turn again”, not withstanding , our hero would have trudged straight back home to Gloucesteshire


JT said...

"Taxing illness". Don't be so silly, Newmania. See what the good doctor had to say about that a few months' ago...Selfish man!

newmania said...

No , hospitals do not ,provide a car park ,taxpayers provide a carpark and are then , entirely typically , taxed again when they use it . There is absolutely no reason whatosever for these car parks to be taking a profit to be wasted by the hideous sieve hat the NHS has become .

On its own a drop in the ocean I admit but symptomatic of " lifestyle taxes" that are going to be more and more important, especially locally, and seek to disguise the real objective which is focus on the middle part of society who will be paying.

I am not suggesting further benefits to this or that ill person , I am suggesting that car drivers are not , once again , subsidising everyone else. Perhaps you are aware of the new tracking plans and green ticket plots to assalut drivers . Removing freedoms of movement is the real objective of the NWO ( ok maybe thats going to far ....they won`t be hapy until they have all the technology and we have a wood fire and a horse)

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