Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sorry Gays .

Justin Hinchcliffe( North London Conservative legend ) has taken me to task on the use of the word. Homosexualist. I think , despite the feeble defence I attempted he is right and would like to withdraw it . On the other hand I am not going to start taking the whole thing seriously . See below:

Its amazing to think that for all of time
There must have been an unbroken line
Of fathers and sons , ending with me
It started in the Cretaceous sea
When a single celled whats-it first procreated
Leaving its girlfriend drowsy and sated
Then a fish that crawled up on land with its fins
That handsome one there , (yes that’s him)
All manner of lizards and birdlike things
With feathers and teeth and claws and wings
And furry animals furtively mating
While dinosaurs slowly forgot about dating
Bears and apes and cavemen to
Each one of my fathers knew just what to do
Neither famine nor pestilence, clashes of nations
Stood in the way of their copulations
And now I have managed to pass the baton
To you ,little Elliot , my only son
No pressure we’ll love you anyway
But think of your fathers
And don’t turn out gay !

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