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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Goodbye Almost Blairy In its Self Indulgence

What seems like a very long time ago I fell down a virtual well into the Boris Johnson Blog. I was amazed at the new world and the new people I met. This evolved into my own blog via a protracted stay at Croydonians gaff . Last night I had a look and some of the things I wrote early on and I can see how much I was enjoying myself. I realised that I am not enjoying it any more. I have ‘new responsibilities’, due in May, work to do and, I hope, some real world politics. Its time to call it a day and this time it will be for the foreseeable future .

Blogging has been a great thing for me , I have met , in the flesh , Croydonian a fellow of infinite jest , Dizzy , Nadine Dorries , Boris Johnson , Devil`s Kithchen , Guidot , City Slicker , Nick Drew , Justin Hinchcliffe , David Allen , Caroline Hunt , Ed, Steven L, Tim Montgomery ,Phillipa , Jack Target and Iain Dale and all of them were charming . Virtual chums like Auntie Flo goes back to the Boris days and her garrulous idealism is still tonic for the blues , Cassilis very generously made the blog header, which I love .
Raincoaster , of course , Istanbultory , Peter Hitchens Miss Smack and the warm hearted harlequinesque Mutley . Elektro Kevin, a unique character. Appearing on Dale’s Blog and on Doughty Street was fun. Even Bob Piper adds something to my life , although its hard to put your finger on what exactly . I `m bound to forget someone , Hatfield Girl ,Lillith , Verity , Tapestry . ...many many more .I will still be commenting no doubt when I can`t resist but Newmania is finished.
See you all around , thanks for the comments and support this time I mean it , I `m afraid .

And ......

Monday, January 21, 2008


Unions; I`ve always had a soft spot for them because they are about loyalty and for a time they were heroic fighters were decent treatment (in the distant past). On ther other hand ,I support the Writers Union on the basis that with about 10,000 writers they couldn`t come up with a better slogan than " We put the storia into Eva Longoria"...anyway, the Unions are part of the fight against the Constitution and they are therefore my brothers.
View From The Left
Brian Denny , says the EU is dedicated to privatisation and the biggest attack on workers’ rights for a generationMonday, January 21, 2008 ( Tribune)
In a nutshell his complaints are that the European Commission adopted a draft health services directive designed to create a “market” in healthcare.This constitutes a direct attack on the principles of the National Health Service. he also detests “flexicurity” -The concept is designed fatally undermine collective bargaining. It demands the abolition of “overtly protective terms and conditions” in contracts which supposedly “deter employers from hiring during economic upturns”. This would mean an end to workers’ collective rights"

Pick A Promise , Any Promise ...

The Lib Dems who promised to vote for a referendum on the EU Constitutional Treaty in the last General Election, are reneging . They claim they now want an In-Out referendum instead, but cannot table one in the Commons as an amendment to the present Bill. ( of course they knew this would be the case). This is a piece of sleight of hand , they simply know that as Eurofederalists in a Eurosceptic country they are in difficulties .
In my own area a plan for a new Incinerator has lifted the rock because the UKIP PPC wrote a letter revealing that months arguments to and from were entirely pointless the EU s stipulations on Landfill meant we had no choice. Norman Baker replied claiming that there were other options which has subsequently been dismissed by the local UKIP PPC. For Baker the problem is he cannot now represents himself as a localist and a democrat when it is all too clear he supports a Party who believe this decision should be substantially taken by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels . The details of the row are not important in a sense ;the whole subject is toxic for him as the supposed voice of local dissent
Clog should order his MPs to vote for the Constitutional Treaty referendum. The Lib Dems matter, as it is very unlikely the Conservatives can win the vote for the referendum without them. The behaviour of the Lib Dems over this bodes nothing but ill should they hold the balance of power after the next election. They cannot be trusted and in the end they will support Brown just as they have done here . In fact ,s
ure enough , in today`s Independent we see the first signs of the nascent Brown Clegg pact - Lib Dems may be offered PR as part of power-sharing deal( see note 3).
Note 1
(PS This sort of cobbled together from Redwood`s post bits of me and Letters from a Tory but it is , in total what I wanted to say)
Note 2
(Labour rebels are moving a reasoned amendment to the Bill, asking to cancel it as there is no referendum. This is not the main vote on a referendum – that will come later during the Bill’s Parliamentary progress – when Conservatives will table a proposal to have the Bill enacting the Treaty with a “Yes” vote in a referendum as the essential trigger for the Bill to come into effect).

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Drunk Ken`s Awful Friends ( And See Dispatches Tonight)

Ken Friend -Gerry Healey- WRP…accused of near rape
A militant from Oxford described his sexual technique.
‘Healy came towards me, was hovering over me. He was not listening to a word I was saying. He wanted only one thing from me - my sexual submission. For a moment, I just stared at him: fat, ugly, red-faced

The “ Drunken Ken allegations “ come from a far left fawning Labour acolyte , Martin Bright and emerge from research into his Channel Four expose of Livingstone which shows tonight .In fact any ‘Democratic’ Socialist should loathe Ken .
He began by travelling with the the Workers’ Revolutionary party The WRP took money from Saddam Hussein as he was preparing to gas ‘impure’ ethnic minorities. In London, WRP photographers spied on Iraqi democrats.
In return for supporting the Arab dictatorships, it embraced the fascist conspiracy theory. Its newspaper announced that Jews secretly controlled American foreign policy, the Labour party, Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government, the BBC and bureaucracies as obscure as the Manpower Services Commission. They ran everything - except the Workers’ Revolutionary party. Its leader, Gerry Healy was accused of ‘cruel and systematic debauchery’ by 26 women members on party premises. Rape , near enough ...
Few had the stomach to stick with Healy after that. Among those who did were Livingstone. At Healy’s funeral in 1990, he dismissed all the accusations of collaboration with Saddam and attacks on women as lies spread by MI5 agents who wanted to ’smash the organisation’…..(pissed again ?)
Livingstone founded a Trotskyist sect called Socialist Action. .It has no more than 100 members - but Livingstone has given a fair proportion of them jobs with six-figure salaries at the public’s expense.
John Ross, Livingstone’s economic adviser on £121,000, is typical
. He is so lacking in economic knowledge that he decided that the Russian Communist party was a force for the future in 1991, two years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. His economic advice at the time was for the ruling class to learn ‘that they will be killed if they do not allow a takeover by the working class’.
Atma Singh, a former member of the group who resigned as Livingstone’s adviser on Asian issues, told Channel 4 that his former comrades wanted to created a ’state within the British state’. This ambition explains ..lavish diplomatic missions to Brussels, China and India, while Livingstone negotiated an exploitative oil deal on behalf of Transport for London with Hugo Ch├ívez. Venezuela His London Development Agency is described by insiders as the ‘mayor’s piggy bank“....

See Westmonster , Nick Coen and The New Statesman……

PS I must never fail to mention the part played by the suppsedly Progressive Compass Group in smearing Boris on behalf of this monster and retaining Miranda Grell ( The woman who lied about a gay man claiming he was a paedo , to win a Council seat) until it became impossible to do so any longer.

Mayoral As A Newt

Every now and then you read an article and the words , “What the f…” sit on your lips like a soundless freeze frame. I don’t like Ken Livingstone. I don’t like him because he has been part of the Labour plot to flood the Capital with Social housing and immigration .The GLA was Prescott’s front in this, as well as enforcer and it is the centre of London`s new rotten City Hall culture . This is especially true of the “ethnic” communities with who he has a corrupt and mutually oleaginous relationship involving the dispersal of huge public funds . I did not ,however , see him as the libidinously soused Boss Hog of London even if his supporters behaved as if he were . I saw him as puritanically obsessed and catastrophically wrong .
I was therefore astonished to see Martin bright (a Brown attack puppy) claim that ken Livinsgstone was an out of control sot who cannot leave the sauce for ten consecutive seconds .That , at least ,was the sub text. He “ Needs a whiskey to get through Mayor’s questions “ ,. On receiving at People’s questions at Ilford Town hall he was deeply into the tumblers of whiskey ,( he claimed it was for medicinal purposes). This was at 10.00 AM !!!
Now you start casting your mind back this is not the first time his out of control benders have come to grief .
Allegations of a drunken party fracas involving the mayor surfaced in June 2002. The
Evening Standard reported that Livingstone tussled with Robin Hedges, a friend of his partner Emma Beal, at a birthday party for Beal's sister in the early morning of 19 May 2002. He manhandled Beal, who was pregnant with their first child at the time, and left the scene before the police arrived and after Hedges had fallen down a stairwell; Hedges believed the Mayor was responsible for pushing him.”

And then think of how the famous anti semitic accusations started

Finegold: Mr Livingstone, Evening Standard. How did tonight go?
Livingstone: How awful for you. Have you thought of having treatment?
Finegold: How did tonight go?
Livingstone: Have you thought of having treatment?
Finegold: Was it a good party? What does it mean for you?
Livingstone: What did you do before? Were you a German war criminal?
Finegold: No, I'm Jewish, I wasn't a German war criminal and I'm actually quite offended by that. So, how did tonight go?
Livingstone: Ah right, well you might be [Jewish], but actually you are just like a concentration camp guard, you are just doing it because you are paid to, aren't you?
He was out of his box wasn’t he and then you start to wonder how much of the inexplicable Livingstone gobbledygook has a simple explanation . He was piefaced soaked squiffy sloshed and all round ‘pissed as a newt’ not just a maniac but a dispsomaniac , takwe my word for it , I am an expert in drunken gibber and that is it .
Its a sobering though.

Drop The Pilot

We are richer than ever . The supreme leader keeps telling us so doesn’t he ? Why then ,when a burst of hiccups interrupts the feasting, is the mood as it must have been, aboard the engine-less Jumbo on its precipitous descent ? We have woken up, thats why.
We slumbered but now we blink , stretch and say “What the hell did he do ?” . A balanced budget was turned into a proportionally greater deficit than America’s . By increasing tax he slowed growth and so the US, as well as out performing us, also had a faster growth of tax revenue . He held back performance by increasing the state`s share of dividend and thereby reduced incentives to produce wealth. We are the injured wildebeest limping appetisingly on the veldt
Cash has been moved from the productive private sector to the useless public sector . There are 600,000 more of them and a grey army of ostensibly private parasites feeding of the rotting carcass. Our relative competitiveness has declined and we cannot act. With nothing in the Piggy bank but IOU`s and a slow down shedding momentum, tax receipts are plunging so tax cuts are not possible for the left. Neither is Keynesian kick starting .
Brown has presided over a 30% increase ( adjusted) in spending but is doctrinally opposed to choice in health or education . His Casaubonish plans have failed .15 year olds have fallen from 8th to 24th in maths , 7th to 17th in reading . This was a snip at £77billion up from £29billion , up 55 % after inflation has been corrected out . We have not even kept our talents
60% of people say Britain is a worse place to live than it was five years ago. This is largely due to the rise in crime hidden increasingly implausibly by the Police ( 12% say its better). The golden goose , London ,is ceasing to attract the world’s rich ,who no longer have an environment conducive to urban evening walks. Highly paid Policemen fill in forms all day and crime costs have been passed to the public in the form of ferocious security . This has been responsible for improvements except where it cannot help, ie violent street crime , the worst crime.
He has spread dependency encouraging the “Stand alone mother “.Mass worker immigration from the EU fiils the gaps . This single fact has brought to the attention of the British that they do not control their own country engendering hopelessness and disbelief . He cannot take the Wisconsin cure ( a time limit to benefits for the healthy ) because he is addicted to paid for votes and is now so loathed by the private sector working population he needs them like methodone.
Those who backed the new Labour Project have relapsed into maudlin denial. This managerially inclined upper middleclass now look sheepishly at their “inferiors . By their shallow egotistical displays of “social care” they have imperilled the poor more than anyone . They will chirrup their protestations to the last breath. Those about to suffer more than intellectual embarrassment are too tired and dispirited to care but they too bought the lie of “competence” .
There is a dangerous despair abroad which cannot afford .With the right pilot, the right ideas, and some calm determination, we may yet walk away from this , but I am less optimistic than many, about a smooth landing .

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