Friday, July 27, 2007

Friends With a Woman ?

I noticed in the Standard under the editorial their was a vicious denial of the possibility the other day. In general I detect a new sense of bitter realism amongst men beleaguered with 1950s expectations but competing with women at work and usually losing . There were some telling phrases like ,” He just grew on me = Nothing better tuned up “. And a telling narrative of the shame of being introduced as a “chum to a prospective mate of the woman . What are you ... the court eunuch ?
I have always adopted a policy of being pretty up front about my admiration of a women extending to regions far beyond the cerebral . In fact personally, I increasingly find that physical attraction and an appreciation of a woman’s` mind are inextricably linked but then we always knew that body and mind were false categories really.
Personally I doubt its possible at least unless there are overwhelming reasons why the question of sex does not arise in the first place .

Gollum Brown Needs Cash

New statesman Says Game Over and today’s front page of the Telegraph makes dismal reading with an 9 % lead in a You Gov Survey following a dreadful ICM poll in the Guardian . This would give Herr Broon a 134 majority over all other parties .
Gollum Broons great strength is the strength of the economy which is starting to look a little shaky with news of interest rates about to go up to 6 % . Also he has already promised billions which will make an election give away difficult . Behind him he has the lesson of Callaghan who dithered and stayed in power for the Winter of discontent . He must know that the Polls are flattering and that a wobble in the economy would ignite the implosion .
Everything points to a snap election not least the 20 to 30 seats that the boundary commission are due to give the Conservatives . He will not however go for such an election , why? They don`t have the money
New figures from the Electoral Commission show that in 2006 Cameron's Tories raised four times more money than Labour. They have been able to build up HQ staff while cash-strapped Labour has had to halve its campaign team.
Worse still for Labour MPs fighting marginal constituencies is that the Government has still not closed the so-called 'Ashcroft loophole' that allows parties to spend limitless funds outside the official six-week period before polling day.
It is a loophole Conservatives, with more cash to spend, have exploited mercilessly since Michael Ashcroft was treasurer from 1998 to 2001.( First Post Online Daily)

Two conclusions follow .
1 Labour will wait until they can get legislation in to close the gap
2 They will , once again be under huge pressure to match the Conservative Party`s ability to spend

We all know how they got the money last time and they are going to have to cheat again. Brown ran the election campaign and of course is complicit in the cash for Peerages scandal. A whiff of this touching Brown will be a prick in his BBC puff filled balloon so he will keep a judicious distance. It will take minute observation to catch this man of dark secrets in the act
Could this be Guido’s finest hour , as we stand on the precipice could he with his legendary nose for filth and sleaze be the one who wrecks the glittering dream of a One Party state the Socialist are beginning to believe in .

Thursday, July 26, 2007

BBC Bias - Immigrants and Aids

Anthony Browne recorded an interview for the BBC`s today programme in 2002 that did not get aired although it was due to be. Here is why it was cut
It concerned the sensitive issue of the exponential rise of HIV in Britain since Labour was elected in 1997 . This might seem a but much to be blaming on the Labour Party but in a sense it is their fault . Figures from the Government’s Public health Laboratory Services in 2006 were showing a 25% rise in one year with almost all the increase being among heterosexuals. The government and the media with the BBC to the fore had been warning for years about the danger of complacency among hetero sexual ever since the number of cases contracted swept past the number of homosexual cases and we can see that this fits the “progressive” soi disant BBC agenda well in any case. The government minister was responding on the Today programme with a new sexual awareness campaign for teenagers, a little like Gollum Brown`s hearts and minds millions squandered on the Muslims. Safe sex that sort of thing you probably remember it.

The truth is that the increase had nothing to do with this group and was almost entirely driven by immigrants chiefly African coming here already infected and testing positive once here . the BBC pulled this piece knowing full well that the evidence was irrefutable and in any case the truth could hardly be hidden for long . The Guardian and the BBC continued to run material attacking the position and even now there is a dimly remembered doubt . There is no doubt. The facts are there to be seen and the resources which could have helped have gurgled down the plug hole .
That is the BBC for you and the interesting fact here is the way they lied and lined up with the Guardian to defend their position. They knew they were lying but the attitude deep down is “pssssssst ..these people are too stupid to know the truth .... Nanny Beeb knows best”

PS yes I do blame the Labour Party . Immigration is at four times the rate now it was in the 90s ( when it was high) and it was the wider left constituency that were unable to face one unpleasant consequence of that

Gollum Brown Saved From Drowning by BBC

New Statesman have an arresting front page this morning “ Game Over” , featuring Gordon Hagiographer in chief Martin Bright .The overall tone is of blinking disbelief that it is all going so well. It gives to you some idea of badly the BBC wants to avoid a Conservative Government that even the New Statesman is bemused at what an easy time he is getting about the floods and elsewhere . They focus on coverage of the floods and breath a loud sigh of relief that the mainstream media especially the BBC appear not to have noticed the poor performance prior to and during the disaster.

1“ Browns instinct for reflection meant that he did not react as quickly as he ought to have done when the rains first hit the North of England . When the second wave hit the South he got a chance to show he could act decisively “ Bright

2 “ He has not been blamed for the floods despite cuts in flood defences that could have been laid at his door” Bright

3 “One can imagine the opprobrium that would have been heaped on Tony Blair had the flood occurred on his watch “ Editorial

4 The short terms need to prepare has been exposed as flawed. Spending on defences has been cut while warnings has not been heeded. The most egregious failure was not to act on the foresight flooding repost commissioned for ministers in 2004.( Editorial)

5“However the conclusions of an Independent review on the floods could yet damage Brown the report predicted a 20 fold increase in the likely hood of flooding..“ Bright

...well I warned months ago that we could expect independent reviews agreeing with Brown thick and fast and I doubt this will be any different . On the other hand the left knows they have got away with this . Why is the BBC ignoring this important story and focussing on the froth of the Rwanda trip which was obviously a tricky position and has nothing to do with the actual issue in hand . I have already pointed to the warnings of the All Party Committee that blamed the administrative delays of the reorganisation for projects being behind . In fact only 57% of the countries flood defences are in good working order.

Most importantly when Cameon went to Witney to see his Constituents who were already suffering , prior to his Rwanda trip, the BBC refused to cover it . Tara Hamilton Miller reveals that Cameron personally called the BBC to complain knowing how vital shots of him knee deep in Oxfordshire water were .
I am furious with the BBC but oddly happy to discover that I am not , as I had assumed, a Daily Mail Reader. Their supprt for Gollum Brown has estranged me forever.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Pity Gay Men

Above are exhibits for scientific study. This below is in the Birmingham Post

GP 'called gay patients twisted'
A GP has been suspended by a Midland healthcare trust amid allegations he labelled gay and transsexual patients "twisted". Dr Muhammad Siddiq, president of the Islamic Medical Association, is being investigated by Walsall Primary Care Trust over a letter sent to doctors' magazine Pulse.The letter, which he is alleged to have written, was responding to an article which claimed the profession was 'homophobic'.

Well in any confrontation between the gays and the Mooslims I am on the side of gays in fact all in all I have found gay people to be jolly nice . There is no denying though that there simply has to be something bizarre about a human being that would prefer the nit in his underpants . How can such a spectacle possibly be attractive. ? On top of having to put up with ugly hairy men in bed they have the Mooslims on their case. I pity them Twisted they may not be but bonkers certainly There is a serious point here about the sort of illiberal attitudes we have allowed to infest our society but I can’t be bothered with it for now .

The world famous Istanbultory has added some intellectual weight to the matter:

Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Britain’s most senior Muslim figure, has described homosexuality as a harmful, immoral vehicle for spreading disease.The Muslim Council of Britain has rejected talks with gay organisations and rebuffed proposals to tackle homophobia within the Muslim community. The MCB opposed all the gay equality reforms of the last decade.
The 2006 Festival of Muslim Cultures funded by the Home Office and the British Council aimed to showcase the “diversity and plurality” of Muslim communities. But the festival explicitly banned gay Muslim events from its programme, allegedly at the insistence of the MCB.
Islam is inherently and proudly homophobic.....thus has it always been and thus will continue to be.


The much loved and world famous Auntie Flo has claimed that she prefers skinny intellectual men with glasses and I have promised to oblige. What a freaky chick that woman is . I just don`t get it , still ,for what its worth ,she would like to nail Mr. Chips a so if there are any dandruff laden repressed boffins about ;you`re in .

Wierd !!

OOOoo he`s so "Strong"

We are the worst performing economy in the Anglosphere and Britain was already surging ahead at the end of the Major period. Without the administrative an tax burdens placed on the private sector (and the swollen public sector) it would have done as well as the other free economies . A historic missed opportunity. These gains are driven by the global markets that believe in the low tax and entrepreneurial societies that Brown despises. Those actually in this sector are aware of this and this is not the problem the Conservatives have ( Those involved almost universally support the Tories). The drag on business is in front of you everyday. The problems are these

1. They no longer appear in Scotland now a client Socialist state with double counted votes and massive ( Barnett Formula) subsidy. This is in effect taxing the English , who after all voted for Conservatives by a 50,000 majority even at the last election, to pay for another country to provide them with a shade of government they do not like . Gordon Brown is entirely aware of this sophistry hence “ British” Brown and the possibility of alliance with the Liberals ( now on the back burner)

2 In England the swing seats are loaded with the 6500,000 now living on benefits but of working age and those living on the state or subsidised by the state . Turkeys, and there are ,as Labour admits, far too many , will not vote for Christmas however much Cameron reassures them.

3 The Conservative Party have allowed themselves to become associated with backward looking and image related problems mostly by being the enemy of the state funded media for the very obvious reason that they want to break it up , now more than ever. Here Cameron has made good progress and it this balance in his opposition that makes him appear less fascistically bossy than Scotch broth Brown .This temporarily attracts the voter so sickened were they with Trifle and Cream Blair but strikes me as a shallow reaction.

Labour have been fabulously lucky to inherit both the prudent management and the Union reforms of the previous period which they have not undone and have frequently acknowledged The ERM fiasco is still the Albatross around the Conservatives neck and indeed as we are aware that Brown spending and borrowing is due to sink the boat there is a some trepidation about being there to hold the baby again. It is of course ironic that Europe should be our problem when the Labour Party are currently telling the electorate the greatest lie that has ever been perpetrated on the British people about the thinly disguised Constitution. 96 % of the text is identical and although it is currently only in French but the good people of “ Open Europe” have translated it
Image and luck are everything however . This administration despite a golden opportunity has fouled up every single thing it has touched

1Tax Credits
3 NHS Computers and Recruitment
4 Unreformed Welfare
5 Crime
6 Societal Breakdown
7 Pensions and tax dishonesty
8 Selling out the country to Europe
9 Ignoring Parliament
10 Selling Honours
11 Immigration ,melt down
12 Consequent housing crisis
13 Micro Management Surveillance and ID cards

And I could go on and on and on and in great detail ……. They are rightly detested in many areas and exactly for the things that Brown is responsible for as the Socialist to Blair`s ( supposed )centrist. When the honey moon is over we will see that the Conservative Party are a lot closer than they have been in along time and in such clement conditions that is quite something. This will,at least , provoke a constitutional crisis over Scottish and English votes.

The anti Blair shtick is misconceived. Not-Blair is a good thing true in that Brown is charm less unpleasant and bossy , but Brown is not Blair for the wrong reasons. He is the one who has driven the loathed centralisation , he is the one who has increased all our taxes , he is the one who has responsible for the various delivery foul ups above . Naturally he will not be allowed to call himself New Brown for long and whilst I can understand a certain preening arrogance on the left at the recent polls , especially after having despaired , there are contradictions and lies at the heart of “ New Centre Brown”

He is Old Incompetent Left Wing Scottish Brown and hide though he will try to do , this truth cannot go unnoticed for long. Brown is himself visibly astonished to have got away with the “ and this is me “ gig at the end of the impressionist act “ . he is himself intensely conscious of his core Union vote hiving off to the BNP or apathy as he has allowed their communities to be broken up by welfare bribes and newcomers . He has been busily adding a soupcon of Nationalism to his Socialism.

Today in a interview with the Sun ( Of course) he announced he will “Set a target” to kick out half the 8000 foreign prisoners clogging up the prisons . A problem hisown government caused. This is all nonsense, it is no easier to get the other country to take them back today than it was yesterday but taken with his “British Jobs for British People “ and heavy handed attitude to English votes , the licensed racism of Hodge Blears and others, this new “ National Government “ is becoming more National Socialist by the day .
With good reason ,the second choice of the labour voter is the BNP in 35%of cases. With “All the talents “(included in two meeting a year) Brown is quick to claim he represents ,,...Everyone . He is already calling on Cameron to support Flood measures and leave Party Politics behind if it was not the oppositions job to draw to the counties attention to the fact that the River Authorities and Coucils did a much better job than this bloated Environmental Agency and once again administrative shake ups have beleaguered the system.

The one place where Brown cannot pull invisible levers where he can be seen for what he is, is in Parliament where David Cameron has duly run rings around him. It will be a good thermometer of his nascent fascism to see how long this promise to meet Parliament lasts . Not long if he gets a working majority and that must be stopped at all costs .

Conservatives stand to day against a fascistic National Socialism operating as did the Reich with big business controlled by the state the removal of personal Liberty and Flags waved at every opportunity. Whorish commentators like Lard Haw Haw Heffer are quick to purr about his “ strength “ and “ seriousness” but those who truly love this country must stand against the Brown Shirts and the brown Trousers .

Support David Cameron , this election can be won if we all stick together .Traitors sycophants and nostalgic old women are not required and have my permission to bugger off.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gollum Brown( He Wants it ...)

The suggestion that Brown was a moral politician was more than I could bear and since one discerning customer liked it it goes in the Blog . Dems de rules.

Oh don`t be such a pitiful dupe . I know what it is , you sense the smack or firm leadership and all that old rubbish . You miss your nanny or more likely the executive services of Miss Whip. Gordon Brown was running domestic Policy in this country when he supported introducing the Casinos and 24 hour drinking which he may abandon because of a Press camapaign. Moral ?. Do you seriously think he managed to run the electoral campaign and not know where the money came from ? AAAAggh !!!what is the matter with you ?

Currently he is busy lying to the electorate about his intentions which are obviously not to 'listen' but are in fact to reward the supporters that put him there.His descision to hide is because he needs six months to prepare in the dark. Even now he is dismantling the academy intitiatives he pretends to support and undermining the small amount of private provison in the NHS whilst claiming he is not shifting left.

He has presided over a period in which public accounting has become an everyday poltical tool,( ie PFI funding off balance sheet).He has drven spending to the point that state governed expenditure has risen beyond Germany`s to 45% .He makes noises about British Jobs for the British but he is not doing anything to stop immigrants turning up at four times the rate they were in the nineties.

He is a liar , he is a coward and he has been thumped at PMQs by Dave , made to look like a child . His love affair with Parliament will not last beyond the election. He ran catastrophic delivery of tax credits his personal misguided and failed billion pound policy.

HOW CAN YOU CALL HIM MORAL? Because he doesn`t take the money ? Power is his drug and frankly I`d rather have someone back who liked a nice house and a holiday with Cliff to this deeply repugnant etiolated mouth breathing walking cadavre eaten with greed.

He lost his sight from writing ten year plans all night, not playing rugby( as he claims) .From then on he felt apart from normal people . He became Gollum Brown ..he wants it ...he needs is his precious !

David Cameron is a leader with real courage.He was not an insider he dared tell the Party the way it is and they knew he was right.He is ,where he is ,because of clear thinking and talent.
He deserves the support of anyone determined not to see the brown Reich come to pass

No Serious Threat To Cameron

We know the grumbles , Ealing , Grammars and now the Rawanda vac .So does any of this amount to a serious threat to Mr Cameron's leadership?
For a number of reasons, no despite The warning, or threat, coming from top Tory donor Lord Kalms. He has turned up the pressure by clarifying his message to the party leader as "look chum, you need to do some re-thinking". , but remains supportive. There us no threat for the following reasons

Firstly, the rumblings against him are indeed mostly confined to that small group of "traditionalists" who have never supported him .Mr Hague is reassuring right-wing on Europe .Secondly, most in the Tory ranks in Westminster appear to have had enough of routinely dumping their leaders . There remains a desire, just as there was with Labour and Tony Blair in the mid-1990s, to unite behind a man they see as a potential winner, despite some misgivings . And, while Mr Brown's early success has seemed to force the Tories onto the back foot, party bosses are reminding any jittery MPs that it was only to be expected .
Then there is the question of "if not Cameron, then who"? Frontbenchers including Liam Fox and William Hague are currently out and about making speeches on issues like Europe designed to reassure those on the right of the party. But no one believes any of the right-wing candidates would currently stand a chance of replacing Mr Cameron, or are even planning to do so. David Cameron is secure and suggestions otherwise are rubbish

Which Is Broon`s Mum ?

Do they think he is the emaculate conception ? An other worldly being who managed to run an election campaign without knowing where the money came from? Levy has escaped charges but more importantly Brown has escaped the witness box. Of course he bloody knew but this is one load of sewage that is going to stay underground forever .

I suggest that Gordo far from being born pure and anew has a rather diferent parentage.( Anyone looked under the wigfor the number ?)

They Were Warned

There have been many warnings about the poor state of flood defences they have cropped up in the Press under two headings , The danger of building 3,000,000 new homes in the South East (1,000,000 of which are for immigrants who have not even arrived yet )and set against he wastefulness of fake environmental posturing courtesy of smarmy wonk Milliband

Just one example Paul Ecclestone in the Daily Telegraph some time ago

“ FEWER THAN HALF THE COUNTRIES DEFENCES IN HIGH RISK AREAS ARE AT THE REQUIRED LEVEL “ this was according to the national audit office. The environment agency has failed in its stated objectives and was called on by an all Party commons committee to explain. The committee referred to its last warning in 2001 and noted that it had been ignored. The money has been there but the reorganisation of the environmental Agency taking over what Local Authorities had done seems to have bogged down delivery.
Typically the problem was in late and patchy delivery of the objectives not helped by the confusion cause by handing over responsibilities of Local Government to the environment agency.

Furthermore the methods of flood prevention have been flawed. I have to quote this face peeling blast of anger from Auntie Flo

“What's the govt's solution? SuDs - flood retention systems.......
They cannot cope with either the hugely increased rainwater runoff (which becomes floodwater in storms) that concreting over our green soakaways (fields) for development produces, or the additional waste water imported into all of this development. ......But the theory says nothing about: Deliberately overloaded SuDs = floodsBadly designed SuDs = floods
SuDs can't cope with heavy rainfall/storms = floodsOverloaded Suds can cope even less with heavy rainfall = ongoing, bigger floodsSafety concerns of 100,000s gallons of water torrenting across public footpaths etcSuDs here (everywhere?) raise the level of the water table = increased flood riskSuds here (everywhere?) raise the level, volume and velocity of streams, turning them into raging torrents = potential floods.
In order to appear part of a swanky, price upping, wetland landscape, some SuDs' systems of streams, weirs, swales, balancing ponds, reed beds are unfenced and don't have signage explaining the risk .......”

I was well aware of the numerous warnings about the poor preparation for this real environmental problem and so was the Government . Why is noone saying . “You were warned and you did nothing “. David Cameron is blamed for gesturing in Rwanda but after the event everything is a gesture , Brown is not blamed for his Governments real failings .

Monday, July 23, 2007

Bitter Funny and True

.How strangely these qualities can bump into each other .I noticed that the born again bleeding heart Iain Dale whilst Rawandering on the victim trail had time to mention that he would be nervous about giving money to charity . This reminded me of an article by Peter Hitchens entitled ( in his endearing way) “The Fat Cats Who Betray our Generosity”. Sure enough there it lay in my “Sleaze file “( next to Tax and after Race Relations ). Wiping a sentimental tear from his beseeching eye Peter cries out …….

“The well loved organisation you have supported since you dropped your childish pennies into its collecting tins may now be little more than a politically correct pressure group which long ago stopped doing what it says on the tin- and it does noted your money anyway. One renowned institution now receives 88% of its resources directly form the tax payer…we do not in most cases give our money for company cars £100,000 salaries and TV campaigns that have a political agenda”
This is not the first time I have come across stories about the conduct of international charities which casts their role in a rather strange light and I have always had doubt s about the nature of the transaction.

Peter Hitchens` tone becomes monotonously acidic though and I have come across another unpleasant but readable man in George Walden whose book “ Time To Emigrate “ I am just reading . Its one of those entertaining but infuriating pot boilers journalists write. A collection of bite sized polemics hung on a fairly arbitrary washing line .” Big Babies “ by Michael Bywater is another and I always think Judy Burchill when I find myself reading one

He spends a lot of time on the subject of immigration in a sort of cod-erudite Yosemite Sam mood that I find a bit embarrassing in one so old .Words like dumb-ass hang as incongruously as a medallion on an old swingers chest but it is splenetically riveting for all that . It is written as a letter to his son who is thinking of leaving the country after his own young son was brutally attacked in a racially motivated assault ( the most common kind of course). Perhaps this explains the unrelenting venom

“ With Muslims its become bad form to say they have the biggest households in the country, an average of 3.8 because its racist to talk about them breeding like rabbits …The fact is 57% of births in the Capital are to mothers who were born abroad says something about the kind of City you’ll soon find yourself living in…Anyone who thinks that selective immigration an abomination should remember that countries that have long been in the habit of sermonising the rest of us , like Canada , have been practising it for years ….How can the words “sense of national purpose “retain any meaning in a country increasingly composed of co-habiting tribes whose chief point of agreement seems to be the urgency of abandoning indigenous habits and institutions for PC reasons “

On David Cameron he turns to the flame thrower up to eleven…

“ I have children , you have children. Can we imagine ourselves playing on our son’s disabilities to show we are in touch with the health needs of the masses ? Nauseating isn’t it ? You can’t imagine Churchill or Macmillan saying I’m one of you because I’ve got an disabled son and he’s treated on the national health. DeGaulle had a disabled child , the only thing he ever said publicly was when she died.. “Now she is like everyone else”

Allowing or the generation DeGaulle belonged to that is rather moving but David Cameron is only part of the new order not its creator . George Walden on the other hand has written a book palpably aimed at money and its supposed inspiration was a vicious assault on is Grandson ……. I end up by feeling queasy at so much hate perhaps its woolly minded of me but there is too little English coolness here. Roger Scruton said “ “How can we decided what to do if there is no ‘we.” in England an elegy a far deeper book both are worth reading though.

To be fair to Walden he does occasionally lighten the mood and once with one of my all time favourite gags from a comedian who bloomed very late but is one of the few old entertainers to truly stay on form .. You will see his face reincarnated by technology in an advert for cancer research and his death lends a tincture of sadness to this wry self knowing one liner

“ They laughed when I said I was going to be a comedian …Well they’re not laughing now ….”

The magnificent Bob Monkhouse . Just to show not all old men become sour even if what they say may be true .For some the best comes right at the end ...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Living in a Playground

I have been so enraged by the traitorous splitters over the weekend that I have written myself out on the subject on Dale . I am pleased to see is that when the going gets a little tougher there is lot more sensible support than you might of expected from the blogasphere. And I am not going to rehearse the arguments again . Iain Dale`s open thread contains some good points both ways but overall those arguing for steady nerves win the day . This should be private conversation .Whoever these cowardly letter writers are they deserve a pearl handled pistol and an instruction to take a quiet walk by the Elms. …

At the heart of David Cameron’s position is the fact that many people are not dissatisfied with the country . The grievances they had against Blair were never deeply felt they were style and posturing . As Conservatives we should have seen this . That is why given the excuse of a new name they are delighted to express their Conservatism by staying as they are . It is the wealth of the global economy that is creating this oddly weightless politics. Despite Labours loading of the public sector we are getting richer and the fact that we are the worse performing economy in the Anglo sphere does not make it less so.

Its hard to get over what I mean so allow me a Sunday jaunt . Do you see the shiny new children’s play area up there and the shiny face of newmania junior . We took him along today as we often do and as I looked at the faces like ‘petals on a sodden black bough’ I thought “ I know want they are thinking. “

They are thinking ,“Things are visibly better than they were . The drug dealers are gone , the disgusting old toilet is now a children’s centre , the greasy spoon is now a trendy looking cafĂ© and the safety of our children has been attended to in minute detail . This Council are doing something good .”

Now I happen to know that this improvement was wrought at a quite staggering cost with endless delays and eye watering exploitation by galatically over paid Consultants. They have wasted the riches of Croesus on a cheap face lift. It literally would not be possible to handle the contract so badly if you sat down and wrote an detailed plan with that in mind . The drug dealers have not gone and there was a “Respect” shooting in this Park only weeks ago.

Never mind . It looks better than before and as there is a lot more money about the fact that it is better than before has no obvious down side . When you think about it this pattern is repeated fractally throughout the Blair/ Brown morass . Defra , Tax Credits , The NHS , Education , Iraq exit strategy, prison building , immigration control,. Even if you approved of the thinking the delivery has been unbelievably cack handed with the NHS computer contracts the Palm holder fro all time contempt for the tax payer . Welfare has also been a catastrophic mess as many in the Labour party admit.

Still we are richer than we were and so the additional tax has not hurt much and there is no doubt that Education and the NHS are better funded without the usual economic collapse provoked by Labour . Immigration and its attendant tensions are reaching an explosive level and there is no return now . Again this sits uncomfortably on wealth increasing .So here we sit like the children playing in their Municipal Playground . It look s nice so we don’t question the cost. Its better than it was .

Cameron has a tough job ,he has to dislodge bovinity without being threatening . With world record personal debt £4000 each , concern about sterling and housing inflation out of control we may not have to worry to much about contentment soon .In the meantime our leader deserves support and loyalty. We change or we give up on the country.” Time to Emigrate “ says George Walden . Time to get serious says Newmania

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