Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Little Details

I discovered something about Patrick Keilty the compeer and (supposedly) comedian today . His father was killed by a Protestant “Group” in a revenge killing . God knows I wouldn’t want to pretend that I understood Northern Ireland . I don’t need to in order to disapprove of the Mayor of London having tea with known Terrorists.Doesn’t that unpleasant reality undercut the smear of normalcy the gelled hair would imply though .I had a similar thought when I noticed that Miss Israel was going to be let off carrying her rifle during national Service in case her modelling career was disrupted. Just the little detail opens your eyes to the difference in everything birth to deathThe Guardian reading fraternity go wrong in foreign affairs , in my view , my arrogantly disregarding the cultural and circumstantial gulf between geographical areas. They transpose ideas appropriate for London unaltered to wherever they can make disguised domestic and self congratulatory points.

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